Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Hello my darlings, 

I know it's been a quiet month for us in terms of my blog content. In all honesty, I have had a craaaaazy month, so allow me to fill you all in on where I've been and what I have been up to.

 For those of you that don't know already, I am at University, studying BA Art. I am currently a third-year student, but my course is four years so I still have another year ahead of me. This time of the year is always very hectic for deadlines and exhibition assessments, so that is what has been consuming a lot of my time this month. I have had a lot of work hanging over my head and weighing down my shoulders, despite having extremely good attendance this year and keeping my head down all year round. In fact in the 3 weeks Easter break, I managed to articulate 4,368 words between two essays; two separate art and documentation blogs with numerous posts; the creation of a 24-page publication; and writing my artist statement. A LOT, I know. Thankfully, I am now over the worst of it, and just have my final exhibition assessment piece to install! 

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. It has completely flown by me because I have been working incredibly hard on so many aspects of my life, using as much energy as I had. I took on a lot more commitments this year, but I have found it so much more rewarding than ever before. I have learned how to motivate, organise, and push myself to find strengths that I never knew I had. Of course, it's not been perfect at all times, but is anything?! Things are looking hopeful, and I wanted to finish my 3rd year here being able to look back and say, "I tried the best I could". I am confident that is exactly what I have done, and I am proud of myself! Hopefully, you can all see now what a hard-working gal I am, and forgive me for my absence in terms of

Without getting too soppy, this little website and its social media, means the world to me. It's my space. It's my area which I can come to, and just splurge out all my creativity onto a digital page. No one can take it away from me, no matter what they say or do. It is my passion. I am not, and never will neglect it, I just sometimes have to take a little time out to finalise my loose ends and get my life and other commitments in gear. I am really looking forward to having more time to create more YouTube and blog content for you over the summer. Stay tuned, I'm on my way!

Much love, E xxx

White T - Missguided
Jeans - Topshop
 (*linked jeans are similar, but not an exact match*)
'MAGGIE' Blush Boots - Topshop

Photography credit to Billy Sax-Dixon (@billysax)

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