Friday, 14 July 2017


Being a wearer of mostly pastel shades, and monochrome tones, I even surprised myself with this little number. I don't often branch out, and in the last month, I have been realising that going for something a little different once in a while is not a bad thing at all! I often question myself when trying on garments in fitting rooms, "But is this really me?" Always asking that question with a negative mindset, I often return items thinking that they're "too out-there" for a wardrobe that is otherwise filled with quiet colours, such as light pinks, blues, and whites. However, the realisation has hit me that the only person who can answer that question is me, and surely because I like something enough to try it on, it must, at least, be a little bit of me. What defines our personal style is our own taste, our likes, and our dislikes. 

Having immediately looked at this skirt months beforehand, I thought to myself "that skirt is really cute, it would look so nice on other girls, but it is a bit out-there for me because of the bold colour". I have come back to it this month after having found it in the Topshop summer sale. I admit, I find wearing shorter length items that uncover my legs, rather challenging to wear sometimes. The combination of a shorter-length skirt, and this eye-catching bold red colour, made me initially want to shy away. However, feeling slightly more daring in my fashion choices, I decided to go for it. 

This skirt is perfect paired with a basic white or black top, and a cute choker to accessorise. I think it would look casual and exceptionally cute paired with some white converse. It is a statement garment, that can be dressed up or down. I would personally keep it remaining a statement by not pairing it with a lot of colour elsewhere. 

Whilst this skirt was a sale find, below is the exact skirt I am wearing, and some similar items that I have found that may take your fancy in case the skirt is no longer available. Click on the images to shop!

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