Monday, 28 May 2018

Dare to be Different

Personal style is unique. It expresses your individuality, and how you choose to represent yourself to the world. Whilst it may sound silly as I do post about style and fashion on my website and Instagram regularly, over the past year I've felt slightly unsure and bewildered about my own style and I'm not afraid to admit it.

After losing weight gradually due to a healthier lifestyle, my clothes size has been frequently changing. Alongside the baggy clothes that I used to love, followed lower self confidence and struggle in not knowing my new body shape and how to dress it. I spend hours in dressing rooms trying to find the right fit and size, and its been somewhat frustrating. I know, surely I can't be moaning about losing weight? Well, I just feel that I'm in a strange time in my life where I'm not really sure what exactly I should be doing, knowing, or how I should be dressing. I've also determined that I'm fantastic at comparing myself to others, which isn't all that helpful when trying to establish yourself.

Whilst this particular outfit doesn't 100% fit the bill, I'd describe my style in these key words that feature in the below, what I like to call, "personal style map". Why not try this for yourself? I found it really helpful in reminding myself of what I like, what I don't, and not getting lost in other people's wardrobes over my own.

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