Saturday, 31 August 2019

Tips for Creating a Positive Atmosphere at Home

positive atmosphere at home

It seems strange to think of the possibility that our moods can be affected by our home atmosphere, but they most certainly are. Think about it. If your home is dim, cluttered and uninviting, naturally you're demotivated by the setting. In this circumstance, it will often leave you feeling in down or negative moods.

Creating a space at home that is positive, clean, and comfortable is so important to me. I'll be the first person to admit, I'm not always the most social of people. I'm more than happy with a night in at home as opposed to a night out on the town. That's why I have invested time and thought into home behavioural and style choices. I've always wanted to make our home a happy and loving environment that we can come home to after a long working day. If you have a similar wish, I've put together a few tips to help add a positive atmosphere to your home:

De-clutter your home
The expression "tidy house, tidy mind" comes to mind here, and it is most definitely true. I feel so much clearer after a good old sort out. Whether its clothes, books, or dvds, the Marie Kondo method is generally fabulous - if it doesn't spark joy when you hold it, it is time to part ways. Getting rid of items doesn't need to be a sad experience, it should be a time of clarity and looking forward to the future.

Satisfy your senses with homely aromas
A home should satisfy your senses. However, an important one that commonly gets overlooked is smell. Whether its delicate or strong smells that delight your senses, compliment your home with mood-boosting aromas. My favourite way to do this is to light my favourite candles or purchase a new fragrant diffuser. Other ways include burning incense sticks or purchasing potpourri. Popular scents include Lavender for relaxation or other floral fragrances for a sense of freshness.

home decor

Add happiness with colour
I'll admit it. With regards to homewares, I'm so in favour of modern whites and gorgeous greys that I am totally predictable. However, I do enjoy spicing up my home with a pop of bright colour in the form of a floral arrangement or two. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that flower arranging is a hobby I have recently picked up, and I'm seriously enjoying it. From a young girl, I have always admired the imperfect perfection of flowers and how they naturally carry so much life and joy. That's why I adore having them in my home, especially if I'm having a rough time. It's a delight to be reminded of happiness, nature and life.

Invest in air purifying and decorative house plants
On the subject of floral appreciation, another realm of natural beauty that I am adoring is being the owner of house plants. Much like arrangements, they bring life and nature to a space - which is especially wonderful if you're renting and not allowed pets. Difficulty of house plants can vary by variety, but generally, most are pretty straight forward to look after. My collection isn't huge currently, because:
a) We do not have much space in our apartment
b) My track record isn't great up until now
Although, I am determined to make a go of it and be a proper 'house plant mum' this time. So far my two orchids are doing great. Next, I'd absolutely love to add the ever so Instagram famous "swiss cheese plant" or as it is technically termed, the Monstera Deliciosa. Not only do house plants provoke an innate appreciation in us, but they also re-oxygenate the air, giving you a breath of fresh air after a long day.

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Essential Clothes to Wear on a Beach Holiday

Are you stuck whilst packing for your next holiday, or perhaps you're putting together a shopping list for your next trip to the beach? In order to help your packing this season, I've put together a selection of my top three summer beach holiday essentials.

A comfortable and flattering bikini is key. Whether it's a high waist style, a standard pant, or even a thong, just ensure that you are feeling comfortable and confident whilst wearing it. There are so many different styles, patterns and prints on the market these days that it almost makes it impossible to choose!

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There is nothing worse than feeling hot, sticky, sandy and uncomfortable on a beach holiday. So ensure you've got yourself covered with a light and airy summer day dress. I found that cotton materials were the best way to go to prevent clothes feeling heavy, sticky and non-absorbant. I packed two floral dresses on our last trip because I couldn't decide which one I loved more, and I'm definitely glad I packed both!

This may seem like such a small item to include in your case, but trust me - it will become your favourite. The headband was such an essential for me on our trip to Cape Verde. I feel my best when I have my hair down, but the heat and the wind made it impossible to stop my long thick hair sticking to my face. Not only is the headband a cute accessory to add to any outfit (and totally on trend this season) it also becomes your most essential and the best way to keep your hair out of your face!

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Sunday, 18 August 2019

My Message To Gym Beginners | What To Avoid

womens fitness

So you're new to the gym and you're not quite sure what to expect or perhaps you're a little nervous? Don't worry, those feelings are perfectly normal and once you get into the swing of things, you'll soon be at ease and working out confidently. 

I've been training consistently in weight training for around three years now. It has become an activity that allows me to push myself out of my comfort zone, work on myself for myself, and also keeps me sane in the most stressful of times. Like many, I didn't begin my gym journey confidently. I initially found the thought of going to the gym so intimidating. All through my childhood and teenage years, I passionately hated exercise - PE lessons and sports days were my unconfident teenage self's nightmare. If anything, I've proven to myself and to those around me that once you find a form of exercise that you like, you can keep at it and enjoy the process of improvement too.

You may want some reassurance before you sign up so I've put together a list of things that gym beginners should avoid at all costs. 

gym activewear 
Don't be put off by delayed onset muscle soreness
It's perfectly normal and expected. Ensure you stretch after training, get enough protein in your diet to aid muscle recovery, and most importantly, don't let it stop you. It's only temporary!

Stretching is important
You may think of it as the boring part of working out, but try treating it like a mindfulness practice. You'll quickly learn how much it helps your mind AND body. 

Do not restrict your calories, but don't binge either
Make sure you're fuelling yourself enough to conduct your workouts and build muscle mass. If you're ensure, ask a qualified member of staff at your gym for a meal or nutrition plan.

Don't pressure yourself
You're doing great - praise yourself and keep going!

Don't overdo it!
I gradually built up my workouts because I knew overloading myself was only going to exhaust me and leave me demotivated. When I first started training, I trained twice a week. I now train between 3-4 times a week, and I find it works well amongst my routine. However, everyone is different. I wouldn't suggest training more than 3 sessions per week at first because your body needs to adjust to the lifestyle change. 

Do not feel too shy to ask for help
It may surprise you, but fitness enthusiasts are actually some of the nicest people I have come across. I believe it to be because everybody started somewhere, and they're continuously working hard on their own journey. As I mentioned above, all gyms will have qualified staff more than willing to help and advise you where needed. Don't be afraid to ask.

Don't mis-use machines
This can be dangerous and greatly increase your risk of injury. If you're ensure, ask someone to show you how to use the machine or ask a member of staff for a guide of the gym's machines.

Avoid signing without reading the T&Cs
If for whatever reason, you may need to change or cancel your membership later on, be sure to check that you can get out easily and that there is not a fee for ending your contract early. I know this has been an issue for students in the past, so ensure you're happy with the terms and conditions prior to signing up.

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