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Confidence issues in the gym is something that affects most people, especially beginners. Whether you're an experienced gym goer joining a new gym, or a beginner just venturing in to their fitness journey, here's my honest 10 tips on how to feel confident in the gym.

Wear a gym outfit that makes you feel confident AND comfortable

When it comes to picking an outfit for your first day in the gym, opt for something that you feel comfortable and fab in! There's nothing worse than feeling too comfortable that you feel a bit slobbish or equally choosing an outfit that looks amazing but digs into your skin or keeps falling down. When looking for gym outfits, I usually shop at Gymshark, Adanola, Women's Best or Lulu Lemon.

Have a plan and stick to it

It's always a good idea to go in with a plan of exercises that you'd like to do in your gym session. This will prevent you from wandering around feeling a bit lost as to what to do. If you're new to the gym and don't know what equipment they have or if you don't know any exercises, I'd recommend doing a bit of research prior to going so that you can have a few exercises in mind as options. You could try and remember 3-4 bodyweight exercises for the worst case scenario where you can't get on any equipment; a few basic equipment movements such as leg extensions or chest flies; and some compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

Watch tutorials and do your research

Don't forget to take your phone in with you, that way if you're not sure on what to do and there's no one to ask, you can quickly google or YouTube it for a tutorial. There's so much brilliant fitness content out there now. Alternatively, I'd always suggest speaking to the gym team for help, they're literally employed to help and support you on your journey to meet your fitness goals. They'll always be happy that you asked!

Don't worry about everyone else

When I first joined the gym, I remember thinking EVERYONE was looking at me but guess what? They weren't. They were too busy getting on with their own workouts to be staring at me the whole time. Remember this when you next go in! 

If you do catch someone looking, take it as a compliment or remember that (if they're anything like me) they're probably zoned out in between sets thinking about what they're doing next.

Listen to music, always!

Don't rely on the gym's music - always have your headphones with you so that you can listen to your favourite songs. I always think what an absolute blessing having music on the go is. It really allows me to focus, zone out and get on with the task in hand (and enjoy it too!). There's nothing better than matching your music with your mood and enjoying your workout to the full.

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Comparison is the thief of joy

You don't know everybody's story or how hard they've had to work to get to where they are now, so don't judge your day 1 against somebody else's day 1,024. Investing in your health and fitness is for you and you only. Exercise isn't always about aesthetics. It's about how you feel, what it teaches you, and being able to surprise and challenge yourself so remember that next time you're feeling insecure.

Avoid peak times if you can

There's definitely times where the gym will be at its busiest and it's usually just outside of typical work hours (between 5-7pm in the evening and before 9am in the morning). If you're worried about the amount of people in the gym, then I'd suggest going outside of peak times to start with. If you're not too worried about anyone else, go for it! It's key to remember that YOU have every right to be there as much as anyone else. Don't use the gym being busy as an excuse not to go.

Go with a friend

If you and your friend are both new to gym and feeling nervous, why not go together? You can support each other and have fun with it too. After all, exercise should be fun and the gym can be such a sociable place to meet new and like-minded people.

Never be too shy to ask for help

One thing I've learned from all my years going to the gym is that 99% of people absolutely LOVE to help and support others on their fitness journey. Honestly, some of the most kind, down to earth, amazing people, I've met in the gym. Sure, some of us may look a little grumpy at times, usually from getting fired up before or after lifting heavy weights, but most people will be overjoyed that you asked them for help. 

Invest in a personal trainer if you can

I'd always recommend investing in a good personal trainer that aligns with your fitness goals to help get you started and build your confidence for those first few weeks or months (depending on your budget). Speak to the gym manager about what you're hoping to get from the gym, what exercise style you'd like and respond to, and they should be able to match you up with the best personal trainer for you. 

Not sure what to wear to your next gym session? Check out some of my favourite gym outfits below:

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