Friday, 17 September 2021

How to look confident on camera

look more confident on camera
how to look confident on camera
confident on camera

The professionals definitely make it look easy but if you're somebody who hates being on camera and struggles to feel confident, you are not alone! Many people feel uncomfortable being in front of the lens but there are ways to appear more confident on camera even when you're not feeling it.

Being a blogger, I'm generally used to having my photo taken but there have been times when I'm shooting out in public and I feel awkward. The last thing I'd want is for that to translate on film so in order to appear more confident in the photos, I'll follow a few steps to combat the shyness.

Keep a natural gaze

My favourite tip is to imagine you're smiling at a loved one or your celebrity crush instead of down the barrel of a lens. This will (hopefully) make you feel more at ease, and keep your smile feeling more natural rather than forced. Try to avoid fixating your eyes on the lens by keeping your eye movements relaxed. If you need to, take a brief moment to look away or look down before looking back at the camera.

Fix your posture

Fixing my posture and standing tall always makes me feel more confident, whether on camera or just in real life! Keep your core tight, pull your shoulders back and neck tall, but do so without tensing. Tensing will make you look more rigid which is what we're trying to avoid.

If in doubt, smile

It's no secret that your facial expression will be a big part of how you'll translate on camera. Try to relax your facial muscles. Don't be afraid to try a few funny faces if it'll make you feel more at ease and if in doubt, just smile!

Consider your body language

Personally, I like to experiment with poses. I'll create movement by positioning my arms, hands and legs in specific positions. One of my go-to stances is to stand tall with one leg in front of the other, clutching or gently swinging a handbag. If you follow me on Instagram, you may be already familiar with this one!

Dress for the occasion

Wear an outfit that you feel most confident in. Do you see those black heeled boots in the pictures above? Those boots make me feel like I could take on the world. It's important you feel happy in what you're wearing so dress with comfort and confidence in mind.

Stay cool under pressure

When we're the subject of a photographer, it's easy to be extra hard on yourself in that moment. Before the image has even been taken, you may find yourself already thinking "oh, I'll look awful". Don't! Give yourself a chance by remembering it's only a photo - a photo that can be ripped up and deleted if needed. You never know, if you're happy with it, it could be a photo that you cherish for years to come and use to remember a fond memory.

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How to look confident on camera

Monday, 17 May 2021

Why the H&M wildflower collection is just what we need right now

h&m wildflower dress

h&m wildflowers

close up of wildflower collection

wildflower meadow dress
h&m wildflower collection dress

 If a clothing collection ever had my name written all over it, it's the H&M wildflower collection. Each piece of this collection is adorned by dainty floral designs inspired by the beauty of our natural surroundings. It was born as a result of the uncertain times we're all facing, having been in and out of lockdown multiple times. That feeling of wanting to escape has been common for most. For me, often the only way to do that was to go out for a quiet walk in nature and admire the changing of the seasons. I won't be alone in saying how much nature has helped me carry hope and belief in the beauty of life over the past year. It's even more prominent now than ever before and the wildflower collection truly triumphs that.

The background behind this collection is a beautiful story within itself. The prints were designed and hand painted in house by H&M's print designers Abigail, Holly, Kavita and Florentin. They walked through fields of wildflowers seeking their muse and inspiration then sketched down designs, alive and untamed - just like what they had seen at the meadows. The flowers were hand painted in water colour giving them a soft and subtle look, mimicking that of real delicate petals. 

With sustainability at its heart, the range is made entirely from 100 percent organic cotton and a cotton-linen mix. In a soft colour palette, the clothes are beautifully vintage inspired yet kept in line with contemporary features, such as puffed sleeves and cut out detailing.

For a high street brand to connect with people in this way is refreshing and up-lifting. It feels as though we've got to see the creative process and the people behind the designs.

 The collection launched on April 12 and most pieces sold out within a day. You can still find a few pieces from the wildflower collection online and in store, but here's to hoping they'll be a second drop and extension of this stunning collection coming soon.

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Why the H&M wildflower collection is just what we need right now

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

The Best Affordable Dior Dupes

dior dupe jewellery

dior dupe necklace

Dior is without a doubt one of my most adored luxury brands but I can't quite afford the bags of my dreams just yet! With that in mind, I'll often come across pieces that remind me of the extraordinary taste of Dior without being the real deal or having the real deal price tag. Of course, they will not have the same quality level or be manufactured in the same way but they will excite my personal style and provide the tiniest hint of Dior I'm craving for. From jewellery to hats and handbags, scroll down to unveil the best affordable Dior dupes and click the photos to shop them.

Dior handbags: the real deal

Dior handbags: the dupes

Dior jewellery: the real deal

Dior jewellery: the dupes

Dior accessories: the real deal

Dior accessories: the dupes

The Best Affordable Dior Dupes

Saturday, 1 May 2021

30 of This Season's Best Luxury Gold Jewellery Pieces

Deia Ear Cuff, Monica Vinader 

My love affair with jewellery started long ago. First hunting through second-hand vintage pieces at car boot sales and then making my own beaded jewellery as a young teen. While I occasionally still dabble in both of those things, my eye for jewellery is usually drawn by minimalist metal pieces and those with a little sparkle. I'm talking about the kind of jewels that you can wear every day in comfort and quiet confidence. Find 30 of this season's best luxury gold jewellery pieces below.

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30 of This Season's Best Luxury Gold Jewellery Pieces

Friday, 30 April 2021

How to find your style and stick to it

Believe me when I say I've spent many years wondering who I am, what I like and who I am supposed to be but I don't think I ever really had ALL the answers. I mean, does anyone? 

That being said, as I have grown older I've never felt more comfortable in who I am and what I like than now. When you're younger, it's exciting to try as many fashion styles as possible and experiment but over the years I've developed my taste to know what suits my body and what I like best. I no longer waste money on fads and trends that I'll never wear again. Instead I opt for timeless pieces and before buying, I'll always ask myself: "would Evie in five years time wear this?" If the answer is no absolutely not, then the hanger gently goes back on the shelf. Now I know that thinking far into the future is sometimes a daunting prospect but in this instance, it prevents me from investing in pieces that I simply will not love for years to come. For me, that's worth letting my mind wonder forward for.

houndstooth blazer

How to find your style

Think about your wardrobe. What pieces spark the most joy for you? For me, these are my fluttery floral dresses, my elegant Coach Tabby black handbag and my fierce houndstooth print blazer. Have you got some pieces in mind? Great! Now let's break those pieces down into colour, prints and styles. For me, it's clear from my love of floral dresses that I adore soft pastel tones, nature inspired prints and elegant, flattering fits. From my love of my houndstooth print blazer and black handbag, it's clear I am equally a big fan of power dressing garments, neutral and monochrome colour palettes and pieces that hold a little structure.

coach tabby bag

When I'm stuck for things to wear or buy, I'll keep a mental note in my mind of brands within my typical budget that I always end up looking to for inspiration and newness. That way, when I'm in need of a new outfit, I can almost rely on at least one of those brands pull something out the bag that I'd be interested in wearing. To name drop a few: Zara, H&M, Mango and Oasis have all been sending my bank balance in a spin lately so I'd likely search their new in collections down first before anything else.

When it comes to finding your style, over time it may alter and change - of course it will! But I do believe that we can easily create a little more consistency in our wardrobe just as much as we do in our day-to-day routines with defining our go-to looks. If you're feeling a bit meh, lost or confused about your own fashion style (we've all been there!) try the above to help you define your main style pillars and go from there. 

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How to find your style and stick to it

Friday, 20 November 2020

Must Have Accessories For Autumn

must have accessories

With a love for fashion so strong, it's no surprise that I'll often find myself swooning over dainty jewellery or luxurious handbags. Accessories are often what tie a look together. They're the finishing touch and in Autumn, it's no different. There's something so lovely about layering clothing and accessories during the darker, colder months. From soft scarves and fedora hats to sparkling jewels and hair ties, here's some must have accessories that I'll be raving about this Autumn.

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Pearls are a trend which have seen ins and outs over the years, but will they ever truly go away? I don't think so. For me, they're back in this season and bringing sheer elegance to any outfit. Available in an array of colours, my personal top choices usually always come back to classic white or sophisticated silver. Stud earrings with metal hardware and minimalist pendants add a modern minimalist twist to this all time classic trend.

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fedora hat


Providing shade and shelter, the fedora hat is a good choice for the season with sunny showers and crispy leaves. Fedora hats are both a contemporary and a traditional fashion favourite. I like to style mine fairly casually with a big comfy coat and a polished pair of black boots for an all round country inspired look.

hair accessories


Hair ties aren't just for two year olds! In fact, they're a hot topic this season with options growing and growing. From the simple slide to the organza extravaganza, hair ties are becoming the new headband. I'm a fan of keeping it simple and creative so I'll often use branded ribbon, like Dior, to give my up-do the oomph it deserves. However, there are also beautiful hair ribbons available to order from our high street favourites which too make the perfect finishing touch.

face covering


It's the accessory that literally everyone is wearing and if they're not, they should be. After the year we've had so far, the face mask is certainly a must have accessory. I'm not the person to be writing about the science behind it so I'll stick to style. There's plenty of style now that the buyers and designers at our favourite brands have worked their magic! From patterned prints to bold colour choices, even without your smile on show, you can still express an element of your personality. Personally, I'm a fan of pastel colours and floral prints, which some might say represent my introverted but caring personality. 

What would yours be? Tell me in the comments or tag me at @evieroselane on Instagram.

Must Have Accessories For Autumn

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