Friday 15 April 2022

Pastel Outfit Favourites for Spring 2022

outfits for spring

pastel blue spring fashion

pastel outfit favourites for spring

Just like that, Spring is back in business and I must admit that it's always a relief to see the lighter days come back in, with the sun shining and blossoms blooming. 

One of my favourite colours to wear during the Spring months is this delicate powder blue tone. I've always been a fan of softer colours and this is no exception. From pastel pinks to baby blues, I've rounded up some of my top high street styles to kick off the season.

Best of Blue

Swipe through to find my top pastel blue picks this month. 
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Pastel Perfection

Swipe through for my favourite pastel picks this month, including pretty pinks and lovely yellow hues.

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