Friday, 3 February 2017


Since this time last year, I have lost a stone and half. I've made some really positive changes that I will now keep with me for life. I thought I would share my own experience and things that I have learned along the way.

Throw Yourself into The Gym...

The main part of my weight loss has definitely been exercise. I joined the gym January 2016, pretty much exactly a year ago! I began 11 stone, hating exercise, shy with low self-esteem, and terrified to venture into the weights section so I stuck to cardio for quite a long amount of time. Whilst it was working amazingly for clearing my mind and allowed me to almost "run" off my negative feelings regarding my own life and body image, I realise now what a huge positive impact lifting weights has. It is seen as a very masculine way of working out, but with more and more female fitness inspiration accounts on Instagram absolutely killing it, it is definitely for women too!  Without the kind employees that work in my local gym being so friendly and helpful, I probably would have never had the confidence to learn to lift on my own, so I owe a huge amount to them, and also my boyfriend for sharing his massive amount of fitness knowledge with me when he can (@bkelseyfitness). I am definitely not an expert just yet but even exercising in the gym for a minimum of two one-hour sessions a week, my body continues to improve, not only in the way it looks but also in how it feels and lives. Being a student attending lectures and having to do work outside of class; having a part time job; running my blog and all evieroselane social media on my own; making the time to spend quality time with my family and boyfriend; trying eat well and to exercise regularly is a lot to take on. However, by integrating exercise into my routine, I have found that training a minimum of twice a week in the gym is enough for me to notice the differences. The confidence I've gained and built up is quite frankly surprising to me. I'm now more able to try new things and say "l can" or "I'll do it", rather than shying away and outbursting with defensive words like: "I can't do it". I have learned that I am much more able and stronger than I ever imagined I could be. 

Whatever it may be in your life: a breakup, stress from your job, low self-esteem; I urge you to just take that energy and throw it into the gym and start pushing yourself as much as you can. I promise you'll start to feel better and release the negatives that you have been holding onto and really make a positive change. Even now I channel all my negative energy past and present and use it as motivation and encouragement to push myself further in times of struggle.

Drinking Protein Shakes...

I used to be one of those people that questioned protein shakes, and why they were necessary, but I really was not looking at them with the right perspective. I drink the Impact Whey from My Protein in the flavour Cookies & Cream. I compared all the nutritional information between the different shakes before purchasing because I personally needed to inject more protein into my body without consuming a high-calorie intake. I found that this was the best suiting, and from past experience, I did not want one that contained oats. I used to only drink a shake after working out for quicker muscle repair, however, I have noticed a difference in my performance and ability if I have a shake before my workout as well as after. I never use my protein shakes as meal replacement, and I do not recommend doing so either.

A Good Diet...

Diet and exercise seem to go hand in hand: they work excellently together when done well, but individually, progress can either be slow or unhealthy. I used to loathe breakfast. As a moody teenager, I'd always favour sleep over having breakfast, but now I will never go out without it! My body and mind work so much better after having a good healthy breakfast. In the morning, I tend to have fruit with porridge, toast with a healthy spread, or eggs on toast. Lunch consists normally of a chicken salad, chicken and rice, or a chicken sandwich along with fruit or some quinoa chips (if I'm lucky!). Then often for dinner, I have chicken or fish along with some carbs (most likely potato) and some veg. It is all pretty simple really, nothing too exciting considering I have a student budget! I am obviously not a nutritional expert, so bare in mind that this is my personal intake and not a guideline for everyone. Along with three good meals a day, I have trained myself to cut out/down on the following: cheese, chocolate, biscuits, fizzy drinks, high in fat takeaways, and crisps - basically a lot of my old favourite things!

No More Binge Drinking...

At 20 years old and being a student, I think it shocks a lot of people when I say I do not really drink anymore. Drinking alcohol is such a hyped up social element of being at university and I do not think it is a good one either. I used to go out once or twice a week, and it was realistically all pretty darn miserable, to be honest. I look back now and realise that all I was doing was not helping myself: trying to impress the wrong people, trying to replace my own unhappiness with short term drunkenness, making myself vulnerable; and just wasting my own time and money. Realising that I did not need it, and I do not actually really like the taste of alcohol, I told myself back in September 2016 that I was going to binge drink no more and instead I decided to wrap myself up in cotton wool, focus on spending time with those important to me, and instead throw myself into my work and looking after my health. I am not one to preach nor judge anybody's decision to drink in whatever quantity they wish but I cannot insist enough how much happier and healthier and good I feel. It has been a fantastic lifestyle change for myself, and I would recommend to anyone looking to live a happier life. I have no more depressing hungover mornings, or anxiety filled drunk visions, I am wrapped up in bed by 11pm and right now, I would not have it any other way!

Surround Yourself with Supportive People...

Surround yourself with good people. Not those that make you feel bad and negative regarding your body or who you are. You shouldn't allow anyone to make you feel guilty for being who you are. If I am honest a big part of what I required was supportive compliments and someone to notice and be proud of the work that I had done and the positive changes that I had made. I quickly found myself doing it as much for them and to make them proud as much as I did it for me and my own goals. I am such a believer in the fact that it is important to be around those that will love every part of you just how you are no matter what, not those that tell you to move your "fat legs" or your "meat head" and always want you to change who you are to suit their ideals and their reputation. Allow those good golden people, in what little quantity they appear, to support you and be proud as they watch you grow into a happier, healthier, brighter human being. 

Grow in Your Own Happiness...

Honestly, the key behind all of this really is to just be happy and accepting. Do anything that makes you happy, and you will find yourself striving for success. Finding my own happiness has been a journey, and not an easy one at times but I am now at a place to say that I am working on achieving my goals and I am happier for it.

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  1. Evie, you well and truly look amazing. I used to go to the gym like 5 times a week, but had a break back in October and I haven't been back since. This has given me even more motivation to go back and tone up. I don't really know a lot about exercise, but I know that weights is the thing to go for now, rather than excessive amounts of cardio. You look incredible and seem so happy! Lots of love for you xx

    1. Holly, thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that this has motivated you in some way, I hope you fall in love with it just like I am! Lots of love xxx

  2. This has seriously motivated me to lose weight and become healthier; such an achievement!!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that Kate! I have learned so much about myself throughout this journey, and to hear that I've encouraged motivation in others is just the cherry on top! Good luck with everything, you'll be fab. Thank you very much! xx

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