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The Truth About Being in A Blogger In Your Early 20s

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To many we're iPhone obsessed, self obsessed, and out all night, but the reality of being in your early twenties is tough. Reality can be tough to portray online but here is some.

We're thrusted out of University into the working world, and I for one feel like I'm constantly chasing my worth. With rent, bills, and food to pay for, let's not even mention my University debt, I'm working every weekday and most weekends. It's easy to assume from Instagram that we are all living the luxe life one hundred percent of the time, but really it's all hard graft. You may mock and not take us bloggers seriously as we take our OOTD shots on street corners, but getting up to shoot, spending hours on editing and planning, responding to emails, pitching ideas, posting daily, scheduling ahead of the game, engaging with accounts, and even just organising yourself around your day job is too much for most. We work on our passions in the hope of one day living out that passion but as social media evolves into a contest of who looks best, who has the most expensive things, what's left here? Our wasted effort? Time? Or just a desire to chase our dreams?

This website is my own. It stands for me and me only, and I'm here to tell you that its not all perfection, lip fillers and good lighting, its hard work, overthinking everything and creative overload. So why do I partake in this? Because its what I love, it drives me. The creativity of curating your own story, and sharing on a mass scale has opened up many opportunities that I am so grateful for.

So please have some respect for the overtime that we are putting in each week on doing what we love, and doing it for ourselves. I'm not here to get as many ads as I can, I'm here to enjoy what I'm doing and share through my little space on the Internet.

Reality can be written, you just have to be willing to write it.

To those who have always shown nothing but support and continue to tune in with my accounts, you're all darlings & thank you so much.

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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Product Review: Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick in Shade '999'

rouge dior ultra care lipstick shade 999

Shopping for lipsticks can be tricky, especially when we're faced with so many different shades, finishes, and brands. I especially find shopping for red lipsticks even more difficult since they're a bolder choice of makeup. However, I recently discovered the Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick in shade '999' and all my red lipstick prayers were answered! 

This lipstick epitomises fierce elegance. For me, it defines the 21st century woman. In terms of pigment, shade '999' is an iconic deep, powerful red. It's bright, but it's passionate. It's very London in the sense that it reminds me of a telephone box red, and I completely love it.

rouge dior ultra care red lipstick shade 999  

"Brave, bold, and romantic. It epitomises fierce elegance."

In a satin finish, '999' has a slight lustre which is incredibly flattering and uplifting on the lips.  The formula contains naturally hydrating ingredients, such as moisturising beeswax, and you definitely feel this upon application. The added lip care makes the formula far more comfortable to wear than other red lipsticks on the market. It does not dry the lips out at all, and is soft and non-sticky. Despite its moisturising properties, '999' is long-lasting and therefore perfect for any work meeting, afterwork drinks, date night, or night out with the girls.

Dior claims this lipstick suits all skin colours, and I agree! When you apply this lipstick, it makes you feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on the day.

Overall, I would give '999' a rating of 9.5 out of 10. My reason for knocking off half a point is purely based on wearability. I personally wouldn't be wearing red lipstick every single day, but it is the perfect red that I will always reach for when I'm looking for a bolder lipstick choice.

Shop the look:
Rouge Dior Ultra Care '999' Lipstick 

rouge dior ultra care lipstick shade 999

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Saturday, 21 September 2019

5 ways to attract good energy

attract good energy

Attracting good energy usually ties hand in hand with the type of energy that you give out to world - perhaps changing your own way of thinking is the starting point. The list may be endless, but I've kept this short and sweet with my top five best methods for attracting good energy.

Find acceptance and love from within
I'm a believer that negative thoughts only breed negativity. Often if you're feeling completely uncomfortable with yourself, perhaps embarrassed and scrutinising your every action, you'll find this being transferred into the light that you give out to other people. This being said, of course, you cannot switch these feelings off in a matter of minutes, days, or even weeks. Self acceptance is a journey. Some days will be better than others, but each is a step forward. Self acceptance is a detailed topic and one that I simply cannot cover in one paragraph.
In brief: please allow yourself time to heal; praise and compliment yourself; when others compliment you, say thank you; and be proud of the person that you have become or are moving towards being.

Drift away from negative influences or cut them out entirely
This is so important. I cannot express enough how much negative influences or circumstances can have a damaging effect on your thoughts and behaviours. Whether, its negative people, negative environments or negative situations, it's perfectly okay to responsibly leave them behind if they are no longer making you happy. Personally, I don't always deal with stress well, and this was something that I have found very difficult in the past. I've been hurt, a lot. However, finding the strength to move on from that hurt is the most empowering and wonderful thing that you can do for yourself. You don't need to feel anger or revengeful, you simply need to accept that circumstances are no longer serving you. Therefore, leading you to moving on and focusing on putting yourself first.

Do things that make you feel good
When speaking about their passions, people light up. Finding hobbies or things that you love doing can not only make you feel good, but it can allow you to share that joy with likeminded individuals and meet new friends.

Do things to help others
Have you ever given someone a really special gift and felt that magical feeling of giving? It's a nice feeling, right? Well, it doesn't always have to wait until Christmas or birthdays - it doesn't even need to be a gift. Be kind to others. Hold doors open for them. Give up your seat on the bus. In a world of mobile phones and social media, we often don't take enough time to just look up and smile. So make it your mission to do at least one kind thing a day for someone. You may just make somebody else's day!

Have gratitude
At the end of every day, make a note of five things that you are grateful for that day. This will allow your mind to get into the habit of thinking more gratefully and positively. Pay attention to the little things as well as the big things. It could be something as small as the feeling of hot, bright sunshine on your skin or the beautiful blossoming tree that you pass on your way to work. Have gratitude for the things around you and the world will become a much happier place.

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