Sunday, 15 March 2015

Welcome! ♥

   As an introduction to my first ever blog, I felt that I should outline the direction I will be taking and introducing myself to you guys on a more personal level.
   I plan for this blog to follow a fashion and beauty direction. I will include posts about current trends, fashion and beauty hauls, product reviews, and perhaps even discuss places or events that I have attended that may be of interest to you. If any of you have any questions or feedback for me throughout, then please do get in contact as I would love to listen to your thoughts.
My name is Evie Lane. I am an 18 year old student currently studying a BA Art degree at University in England. I have always been a creative person and my interests display this. Recently, I have become increasingly interested in fashion and beauty. Creating a blog such as this has always been something I would love to do, but only now do I feel I am prepared and courageous enough to do so. I really hope you guys will enjoy my blog and like reading my posts. I'll try to update at least every weekend so be sure to keep checking my blog weekly...♥

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