Friday, 24 April 2015

Life of an Art Student: My 'Impossible Sculpture' Project ♥

A lot of people usually ask me to show them some of my work when I tell them that I am an Art student. I find it hard sometimes to show pictures without having the chance to properly explain my thought process behind the piece of work at the same time. I thought I would make a post today about my recent assignment and what I created as part of our end of year exhibition. For anyone who is interested in why I created this shoe made out of flowers and feathers, click read more...

As part of my course, the University that I attend asked us to create an idea for an 'impossible sculpture' as our final assignment of the year. They then sent us a second brief telling us to make a fragment of that sculpture. Initially, I had lots of different ideas but I wasn't sure how to make them possible and to be honest I wasn't very interested or excited by any of the ideas either. As I have become increasingly interested in fashion, I decided to try to create art and fashion at the same time. Initially the idea was a whole outfit and dress made out of flowers, but as I only needed to make a fragment, I decided to create just the shoe part.

The 'impossible' concept behind the piece, is that the natural elements are not suitable to wear because there are impossible to last forever. The natural elements of the real flowers and feathers also symbolise the natural elements that represent us as humans, but the element of the shoe/clothing represents how we use things like clothing and makeup to cover up and only present ourselves to others in the light we wish them to see us. Clothes and makeup translate the personality you want others to see, but can also be used to cover your natural fragile emotional state. As the flowers are fragile and will slowly decompose, they symbolise the concept that over time, emotions and life in general will change and not last forever. After creating a mood board, I chose to surround my sculpture around the colour red because I felt it was most relevant as a description of the various emotions and events that we experience throughout our lifetimes, e.g. the colour red can be associated with love, but also pain and danger. I included guinea fowl feathers because they have a stunning monochrome spotted pattern on them. Their spotted pattern, to me, can be seen to represent the 'circle of life' and our cycle of emotions throughout life - therefore meaning that they link well to the concept I am trying to present.

After searching around town and asking lots of different stores for a broken mannequin leg, I luckily finally got donated one. I got the mannequin leg cut in a certain way so that it would look like it was coming out of the wall. I feel that this gives a kind of freakishly beautiful vibe, which I love, and really stands out to the viewer. In terms of artist inspiration, I was particularly inspired by the works of Susie MacMurray and Adriana Salazar.

If you have any thoughts or questions, then by all means contact me by commenting below or on my social media. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, it honestly makes my day everyday 

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