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It is no secret that I am a massive mascara fan, particularly black mascaras that maximise your lashes as much as possible for that princess feel. So when the lovely people at #flashmob cosmetics offered via The Blogger Programme to send me a product to try out and feature on my blog, I was so excited to try out their trio of ultra-black speciality mascaras.

#flashmob are a brand which offer makeup and beauty products that are designed to "give your beauty routine a jolt of electric colour and sparkle". They pride themselves on bold and bright makeup products, however if you're like me and don't usually experiment with bright makeup then they also have products which might be of interest to you, such as their 'Close Encounters Enhanced Formulae Mascaras' that I am writing about today. You should also check out their products if you're heading off to any festivals this summer and are planning on adding colour to your hair and makeup because #flashmob products would be perfect for such events and should definitely be of interest to you.

Mascara 1 'Look at Me Now': This mascara comes in the bright blue tube. It is possibly my favourite of all three as it gives definition to the eyelashes, and also avoids clumps. I feel that when applied, it lengthens my lashes well yet still gives a natural, non-fake, look. 

Mascara 2 'Big Curlz Don't Cry': In the bright pink tube with the lettering 'Super Flirty' on the front, this mascara offers a flirty curled look to your lashes. Before applying mascara, I always use my eyelash curlers anyway, but I feel that this mascara does hold the curl well for a longer amount of time. It also lifts my lashes, and therefore makes my eyes appear more awake and brightened. 

Mascara 3 'Go Big or Go Home': Finally, we have the purple tube of mascara. This one mainly gives your lashes a volumizing effect. This means that they will appear thicker and fuller, and like you have more individual eyelashes than you actually may have.

I am always one to appreciate cute packaging, and I love the colour scheme of these mascaras (because they're in bright metallic tubes they are so much easier to find in your makeup bag which makes the morning a tad easier for sleepy people like me!). These mascaras are also a perfect size to just pop in your handbag in case of makeup emergencies. 

In terms of applying mascara, it is a known fact in the beauty world that sometimes applying numerous different mascaras can create a better effect that just sticking to one, so I actually like to use all three of these at once. Of course, it is a personal preference, but I like my lashes to look as lengthened, full, and volumized as possible. However, if I was going for a more natural look and wanted to apply just one, I would definitely say that the 'Look at Me Now' (blue tube) definition mascara is my personal favourite.

Below is a before and after picture - the second picture features all three mascaras used at once.
                                            BEFORE                                                                AFTER

If you would like to purchase this product, or any other products from #flashmob, they are available for purchase via Amazon

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