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Hello lovelies.

Firstly, congratulations to all of you who got your A level results recently and are now off to University (eeeeek, well done!)

As some of you may know, I have completed my first year of University and I am now on my summer break. It's been an absolute rollercoaster of a year, but looking back University has definitely helped me mature and become more independent. I definitely feel that I have changed for the better since going as it has dramatically helped my confidence. It's all gone so quick I can't quite believe it but already I have regrets and things I wish I had done differently in my first year or hadn't even done in the first place: and that's why I thought I'd make this post. To offer some of you heading off to uni this year some advice and also a little bit of reassurance! 

Initially I made this post as a written post, but since writing it all out I wanted to make it a little easier to digest, so I thought I would make a video and actually chat to you all about it instead! However, if you would rather read, then the list of points is still posted below. Also, if you have some questions of your own for me about this topic, then please do get in contact as I would love to help and I would be willing to make a follow up Q&A video if needed.

  1. Don't be too nervous - You must remember that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone will probably not recognise a single face, they'll not know the campus, and they most likely won't know the town either (nor are you expected to know!). It'll be fine, just introduce yourself to people and treat them how you would like to be treated. Basically, be nice.
  2. Make your room your own and as comfortable as possible - It is important to feel comfortable in your new space as you'll be missing home at points, so whack out the fluffy cushions and cute pictures of your dog to pin up all over the walls (..if you want)
  3. Explore! - Go have a look around and a wander about town with your new flatmates, it can be a good bonding experience and you'll find yourself getting to know the place better and quicker. It is much better to get lost in a group, than lost on your own (if you even get lost).
  4. Be willing to work but DON'T over stress - Your parents and lecturers may hate me for this, but don't work too hard this year (ha). At most Universities, your first year won't count towards your final degree grade, it is more about easing you into the process. So see it more as a chance to gain experience and experiment with how things are done at uni, instead of aiming for a first in every single essay and then getting upset when it doesn't happen.
  5. Be social! - Join a society. There will be so many different ones available, so you should definitely be on the hunt to join at least one. In the first term, I didn't join any societies, which was kinda sad. Mainly because I had the wrong attitude and I couldn't be bothered to. However, by the time it got to Christmas, I realised that I didn't really know many people who shared the same hobbies and interests as me. In January, I joined the Fashion Society and became a member, and I am now the new Vice President of it (woo!). I've met some great people through it, and to be honest, it was partially them that gave me the inspiration and courage to start this little blog. Whitney (Leazz Way) I am looking at you gurrrl! Also, enjoy the nights out! Freshers week is amazing and it will go far too quickly, so take advantage of the packed out nightclubs and cheap drinks.
  6. Be sensible - I just mentioned enjoying nights out, but at the same time, please don't be a dumb ass. Of course, you're likely to have times when you've taken it too far (we all do). Even though the events of the night before may become hilarious and interesting stories for your flat mates the next day, the internal embarrassment will still exist. I would write one of my own experiences here, but I think we will leave it for now ahahaahahaha
  7. Stay safe! - Avoid losing your friends on a night out, it can really be a nightmare. Don't go home on your own either. Sorry if I sound like your mum, but it has gotta be said.
  8. Budget - It's that dreaded B word. Just a pre-warning, it is likely that you'll budget for your groceries soooooo well, but on nights out that will be a complete different story. You'll have to try to train yourself not to spend more than you want/need to on booze, and that is a tough one when you're more than a lil bit tipsy.
  9. Don't be afraid to make mistakes - God, I've made so many in the last year. The first time I went to do my washing at the washing station, I forgot the tablets (lol) so I had to shamefully ask a kind girl if I could knick some of her powder. I melted part of my chopping board too wihtin the first week, and also the lid of a margarine pot, when "cooking". Just remember, MISTAKES ARE ONLY PROOF THAT YOU'RE TRYING. At least that is what I tell myself every time I make a daft one.
  10. Talk to someone if you're worried about something - My University has so many people to offer support to students when they need it, and there is no shame at all in admitting that you do. From study support to personal tutors, and counselling, they are all there to help!
  11. Stay in touch - Just because you have moved away, doesn't mean you should forget about everyone at home all together. Your good friends will still be your good friends, so there is no harm in dropping them a "how you doing" text once in a while, or even having a FaceTime chat. Hearing and seeing my best friend on FaceTime helped me so much when I felt down in the dumps at uni. She knows me inside out so she just totally understood everything that was going on in my head and it was so easy to talk to her about anything. 
  12. Contact home, and remember to pay a visit - Your parents are probably gutted you've left, even if they joke about being glad to see the back of you. It must be such a hard thing to let your child fly the nest, so give them a little phone call every now and then to let them know how you are getting on. Also, a visit home to cuddle your dog really is one of the best things in the world and can be a much needed break at times.
  13. Take vitamins and eat well to avoid illness - Okaaaaay, this one I can seriously relate to. I pretty much had glandular fever and on/off tonsillitis for the majority of my first year. It was absolute HELL. I couldn't really avoid glandular fever, but once the worst of it was over, I had fatigue for ages. Getting my immune system back on track was an absolute nightmare. The amount of different vitamins and potions I collected was ridiculous, and I am a practically a regular at the doctors. That reminds me, it is SO important that you register with the doctors!! You're likely to have an issue at some point in your next 3/4 years and it is so much easier to fill out all the forms when you're not feeling like sh*t.
  14. Dont overpack - Moving your stuff is a nightmare. Try not to overfill your room with stuff you don't need just because your mum says "you might need it" or "this cookery book might come in handy" (lol). Also, don't be tempted to bring the whole contents on your room with you back home for Christmas and Easter breaks. It is so much effort to pack it all up and bring it straight back again a month later. The girls and I all made that mistake at Christmas, and we regretted it massively.
  15. SMILE and BE YOURSELF - pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy what is likely to be the best few years of your life, and make the most of the freedom. If I can do it, so can you. So I wish you all the best with your new and exciting University experience. Good luck ✌
 That was pretty long, but I hope this has helped a little. If you're a fresher this September and have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment and ask. Or if you're a returner or graduate and think I have missed something or want to share some of your own stories, feel free to join the discussion through the comments. 

Evie x

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