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A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly sent some ♡ Makeup products to try out. I ♡ Makeup is a sister brand to Makeup Revolution. It is likely that you will have heard of Makeup Revolution before as they are constantly releasing fabulous makeup products that are available in popular high street store, Superdrug. After spending some time trying out these products and incorporating them into my makeup routine, I feel I am now ready to write a review blog post about them. Do have a little read of my thoughts and definitely be sure to check out the brand for yourself if you are after some good value for money drugstore makeup products.

So to kick off this review, I'll start with a face/base product. I was sent this lovely 'No Shine Please!' face primer, and I can successfully say that it is just as good as any other drugstore primer I have used before. At just £1.99 in Superdrug, I would say that this is a great buy for anyone who wants to try out a primer but doesn't want to splash out on a super expensive one just yet. The primer itself is applied underneath your foundation, and it will help to hold your foundation and the rest of your makeup in place for hopefully, the whole day, as well as reducing the appearance of pores and making your skin appear smoother. It comes out in a clear paste-like formula (so no unwanted pigment), and feels super soft when it is applied to your skin. This primer in particular prides itself on being matte. Hence the name, it avoids the dewy look and is particularly perfect for anyone with oily skin that wants to avoid the dreaded 'shiny face' throughout the day. 
I should just mention, how CUTE is this packaging?! I completely adore this pink and white colour scheme (as you probably can already tell from my blog layout...).

I was also sent one of these gorgeous I ♡ Makeup eyeshadow palettes. The one that I received is known as the 'Black Velvet' palette. It contains 16 shades (13 matte, and 3 shimmers) and comes in a lovely velvet covered box with a black jewel heart on the top of the lid. The Black Velvet Palette also contains a mirror and a double ended applicator which is so handy, especially if you're on the go! These shades follow a nude & neutrals theme, which I love because I feel that they suit my brown eyes really well.
These swatches were done in columns starting from the left with the lighter shades being at my wrist. My personal favourite shades from the palette are probably 'long', 'please', and 'feel'. What are yours?

In addition to the Black Velvet palette, I was also sent this little gem. You may recognise it already if you have watched my most recent make up tutorial video on YouTube. This palette contains 10 gorgeous shades of a nude/smokey theme. I adore how subtle these shades are. I am particularly loving the natural look on eyes at the moment so this palette is perfect for emphasising that with its nude tones. For just £3.99, this palette is amaaaaaaaazing and I can't get enough of it!

I am obsessed with these blushing hearts, they are both absolutely beautiful, and fabulous for adding a shimmery glow to your face. I don't tend to use them both together as I personally feel its either one or the other, otherwise you risk your highlight being too OTT and looking like you just walked out of some kind of spaceship.

I do realise that the 'Peachy Pink Kisses' heart is recognised as a blusher, however I use it more as a light pinky highlight for my cheeks instead of using it as a full on blusher. The 'Goddess of Love' is a named highlighter and presents a gorgeous golden glowing finish. I use it in areas where light reflects off of my face in order to make my face appear more highlighted (e.g. the tops of my cheeks, my brow bones, the bridge of my nose, and my cupids bow). 

This range of 'Blushing Hearts' are fabulous dupes for the Too Faced 'Sweethearts' (£21.00), and at just £4.99 for one heart shaped box of loveliness you can't really go wrong.

For someone who uses MAC lipsticks so religiously and mainly sticks to matte lipsticks, I was just a bit worried to branch out and try this liquid lipstick in the shade 'Firestorm'. Once I used it, I was actually pleasantly surprised with how easy to apply it was due to its brush applicator and how well it lasted. It has a strong pigment, which is always a bonus when applying red lipstick as no one wants a 'less than bold' red lip do they? It also contains Vitamin E to keep your lips in good condition.

I featured this on my Instagram not long ago, so do head on over there to see what it looks like on. It's definitely a statement product, and will make you feel like a little Marilyn Monroe. For someone who is a nude lip addict, this powerful red has most certainly brightened up my makeup bag and I'm so glad it has! I'm usually one to spend £15.50 on a tube of MAC lipstick, so for £2.99 I am definitely wowed by this lip lava, and am so tempted to try out more colours.

As previously mentioned, I am not usually a user of bright lipsticks because I normally prefer to go heavy on eyes instead, so I am maybe not the best person to review this product. However, I thought I'd give it a mention anyway as some of you may be interested!

This lipstick is named 'Barbie Is Jealous' which is such a great name. It is selling for a reduced price of £1.99 at the moment on the Makeup Revolution online store, so grab it while you can or at least check out their other available shades. This lipstick has a strong pigment after a couple of layers which is again fabulous for a bright lipstick. It is a bold pink colour, which I'm sure would look gorgeous on those of you who are more daring and confident with lipstick choices than myself, (perhaps one day!). This colour would look beautiful with minimal eyeshadow, or perhaps a subtle winged eyeliner look. 

So that has been my haul/review post. I hope you've enjoyed having a good read and perhaps discovered some new products that you previously wouldn't have known about. Overall, I can honestly say that I ♡ Makeup is a great brand that sells some fantastic products for really affordable prices. Thank you so much to them for allowing this little haul post to happen and sending me some products to try! If you end up trying out any of their products do let me know by commenting below. I would love to hear other people's opinions too! Also, do check out my most recent YouTube video if you have a spare minute, as some of these products are featured. 

Evie x

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