Thursday, 28 January 2016


If you're a fan of a bronzed glow, you will absolutely love this face set.
  • FULL SIZE 'HOT SAND' ILLUMINATOR -  As the only full size piece in the set, this shimmering illuminator, described as "peach-champagne" in shade, has become one of the few 'warm' toned highlighting products I have come in contact with. By taking the 'warm' glow approach, I find that my face is given more of a natural glow. In my opinion, this product makes my skin appear less 'chalky' than some 'colder' toned highlighting products would, and therefore seemingly healthier. In terms of texture, it comes in a lightweight liquid form - making it incredibly easy to apply without the requirement of any makeup tools. However, I personally do like to use a beauty blender style makeup sponge to apply and help blend liquid products to my face. A little definitely goes a long way with this illuminator, so there is no need to go crazy. I like to just dot it on the tops of my cheekbones, eyebrow bones, the inner corners of my eyes, centre of my forehead, down my nose, my cupids bow, and a little dab on my chin too. Of course I then blend, blend, blend! I do know some people mix it with their foundation then apply it, however, I personally just find this too much for my skin type. I also use it as my little secret to making my collarbones have a little sparkle - particularly on a night out! 
  • MINI 'SOUTH BEACH' MULTIPLE - Described as "light, shimmering apricot" by NARS, this piece is another iconic product. It can be used to add contour or highlight to a skin tone - which is impressive in itself! The multi-purpose stick is mostly for use on your eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. This product is one that you can apply with your fingers and is perfectly blend-able and mistake proof. The pigments of the multiples are gorgeous, and different colours can be used in different areas. I like to use 'south beach' as a bronzing product, so I tend to add it to the contour on my cheeks & on my body in places I wish to contour a little or add a slight definition (i.e. collarbones). Honestly, this is not a product involved in my everyday make up routine: much like the illuminator, I often only wear them on special occasions when I wish to put in more effort than usual and make myself a bit more made up. However, it could easily fit into an everyday routine, if you wanted. At £26 full size, I would probably say try the mini size first and see how you feel about it, unless you're genuinely so sure you need it in your life because it is quite an investment. BUY FULL SIZE
  • MINI LARGER THAN LIFE LIP GLOSS IN SHADE 'GOLD DIGGER' - Probably my favourite of all three products - this high shine gloss will get your lips the attention they deserve. Described as a "sparkling peach shimmer", it definitely lives up to the claim. I am not a huge wearer of glosses at the moment, however some days I just feel like I need a boost on the sparkle and this gives me just that. When you first apply, you may find it feeling quite thick and tacky, but once it settles and you get used to it you'll probably be finding yourself not minding at all. The shine on this product is genuinely brilliant, and I would definitely recommend. 

This 5* iconic product is one that I am actually repurchasing since I have run out of my original. I can't explain to you how wonderful this blush is, and like many, I am a huge fan. I believe this may be the most popular NARS product? If it isn't, then it is definitely my favourite and incredibly popular with myself regardless. The shade can be described as a "peachy pink with a golden shimmer" - it is a stunning shade and completely saves me on many occasions from looking washed out. As a blusher, I use it on the apples of my cheeks to give me that healthy looking colour and glow.  I 100% recommend to anyone who is in need of a good blusher that doesn't mind investing.

I'll admit, I was slightly bias to this product because of its name - which is normally a complete dick move and works out badly, however I genuinely think this duo is beautiful. The shades are very subtle so they wouldn't be good for someone who loves dramatic eye makeup; but for use in an everyday makeup routine, they are simply gorgeous. I use the lighter shade all over my eyelid, and the darker I apply in the crease of my eyelid for more definition. These are natural eyeshadows, so they do blend in well to a skin tone such as my own, yet are also noticeable and not completely pointless. 

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  1. All of these are beautiful! I have the Copacabana illuminator and I love it.

    luce |

    1. Ooh I may have to give that one a try too! xx

  2. How beautiful does the set look? I'm definitely going to be checking that out! Thanks for sharing :) x

    1. You're welcome. I am sure you'll absolutely love the set if you do get it! xx


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