Monday, 4 January 2016


It is no secret that I love painting my nails and I love having painted nails. I feel so bare without some sort of colour on my hands, so it is fair to say I have gone through a fair amount of different polishes. So far, no other brand has impressed me like KIKO has and here's why...

There is always that struggle between price and quality when buying makeup. On certain other makeup essentials (particularly face products), I really don't mind investing in something that I know will work well and last a long time. However, since being a student does make me tighten the belt a little, I would rather hunt for a cheaper alternative on products like nail polish. I expected the KIKO polishes to be reasonably good but not amazing due to their price of just £2.50 each, but I was so pleasantly surprised and now I don't think I'll never go back to buying overpriced bottles of nail polish that either doesn't last long enough, is slow drying, or poorly pigmented.

I picked up this little gem today in KIKO in shade 509 (Metallic Rose Mauve). It is a gorgeous mauve colour (which I am loving at the moment), and has a metallic gleam to it which adds a lovely shine in the light. They have such a range of colours in store, and bottles like this will only set you back £2.50. Some vary in price a little with the different ranges so be sure that you're in the right section, but everything is generally clear & well placed anyway so that shouldn't be too much of an issue!

When it comes to letting my nails dry, I am a very impatient person as I really cannot sit still. KIKO polishes are so quick drying which really adds to their appeal. I have splashed out on nail polishes before that I then managed to smudge and ruin within 5 minutes of painting them, so to find a collection like this saves me that upset. 

Nail Polish - KIKO Cosmetics

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