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Being a blogger, I feel it is greatly assumed that we are all incredibly body confident. As normal human beings, speaking from a personal point of view, this is not the case for most. In past years, especially throughout my teenage years, I have always feared summer clothing because of how exposing some pieces can be. So to find a playsuit that I love and feel comfortable in is, for me, a miracle and it has totally changed my perspective of summer garments. After browsing for some new summer pieces, I discovered this striped playsuit. I fell in love with how smart-causal it is and how the nautical coloured stripes create a fresh, neat, and clean vibe. The great thing about this number is that it can be both dressed up (with a pair of heels and a pretty clutch bag) or dressed for a more daytime look. With this post, I went for the perhaps more wearable, daytime look. I partnered the playsuit with my white pair of converse (always a summer essential!) and my black saffiano Michael Kors tote bag. 

As the title suggested, playsuits are a summer essential, and here are my reasons why...

  • Versatility - A playsuit such as this one can be both dressed up or down depending on the occasion. This means you get your moneys worth as you can style it in many ways - I have so many pieces that I have worn once and in one way only!
  • On trend - Since being originally created in the 1930s, the playsuit has come both on and off fashion scene over the years. However since 2006, this shorter version of the jumpsuit has reemerged in popular high street fashion and has become a staple for most, including myself.
  • Comfortable - Despite being tricky to quickly get on and off, the playsuit is a particularly comfortable garment for anyone who worries about accidental dress exposure... The 'shorts' element eliminates any unwanted shame or embarrassment, so you can walk around in the wind free and confident. Most styles aren't hot pants either, which is fantastic for me as I literally despise any kind of 'short shorts'.
  • Affordable - Don't want to splash out on a new top AND bottoms? The playsuit is ideal, you get a whole new outfit in one!
  • Legs eleven - High waisted styles can make your legs appear longer than they actually are due to the waistband being higher up. 
  • Styles to fit all shapes - Playsuits range in styles, lengths, shapes, and colours! So why not experiment and try out different styles to find your comfiest and most favourable style?

Have I convinced you yet?

If you're still unsure or would just like some more inspo, be sure to keep an eye out on my blog for my own playsuit wishlist that will be uploaded after this post!
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  1. You're the biggest babe ever, I love playsuits so much especially ones with high waistbands so they make your legs look longer! You look amaze girl!

    Robyn xo


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