Saturday, 27 August 2016


If you're a follower of mine, you will have seen I've had a fair bit of involvement with the London gourmet sweet brand, Candy Kittens, including a launch event with them last week.

Last month, I was contacted by CK HQ personally inviting me to join their team. As an influencer and blogger online, to be asked to work with a well-known company is always an exciting prospect. I was honoured to be one of 50 influencers chosen out of their 50k following to be working on this project and part of their exclusive #SweetSquad team. I was particularly pleased as I actually love their products, I feel that their brand fits mine, and I understand the direction that they are trying to take the company. As a lover of their sweets anyway, I have no problem sharing posts every now and again on my social media. So expect images of the sweets, images from our events, and my flavour of the month every now and again. It should also be mentioned, please don't feel I'm part of this because I feel I have to be, if I wasn't passionate about the product, I would've declined the invite. I aim to keep my blog as honest, truthful, and real as possible. Whilst this is a great opportunity, these sweets are aimed at a similar audience to mine. These sweets aren't aimed at children, unlike their competitors, Candy Kittens is all about making the gourmet sweet fashionable, that grows with you. 

So first off, here is the definition of being in the #SweetSquad from Candy Kittens HQ: "The #SweetSquad is an exclusive group of girls who are the face of our online gang. A #SweetSquad girl always knows what’s happening, and isn’t afraid to get her voice heard. She is part of a small circle of influencers and acts as an extended member of our Candy Kittens team based in Fulham, London." 

To launch, we were all invited to Ben's Canteen, in Battersea, last week to meet each other, meet with the Candy Kittens team, and have brunch together. Candy Kittens kindly provided the food, drink, and personlised goodie boxes filled with CK sweets and other collaborative gifts with brands such as It was a lovely morning, and so good to meet the team and hear about their plans and expectations for the #SweetSquad and the Candy Kittens company itself. 

Myself pictured with the Founder of Candy Kittens, Jamie Laing.


You may order the sweets online HERE.

Alternatively, here is a list of stores that stock the sweets:
Topshop, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Selfridges & Co, WHSmith, Fenwick, Ocado, Thomas Cook Airlines, Norwegian Air.


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