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Firstly, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you've all had good beginnings to 2017 so far. This week I thought it was time to do another beauty post. So why not a 'what's in my makeup bag?', obviously, this isn't everything in my makeup bag (I actually require two washbags for all my makeup...) but I really wanted to quickly point out some of my current favourites! As a beauty-obsessed blogger and a student, I should mention although these products are more towards the luxury end of a budget, I do love certain drugstore makeup as well, so perhaps I'll do another post of this soon! If not, you can always pop over to my YouTube channel by clicking here, for an insight into all the makeup I use on a regular basis. Meanwhile, I'll get to the point now, these are my current beauty and fragrance loves!

Fragrance, Burberry 'Touch' Eau de Parfum

This little gem I received as a Christmas present this year from my parents. I wasn't already familiar with this particular Burberry scent but I have owned Burberry perfume before so there was a high chance I'd like this one also. This sophisticated and feminine scent is perfect to pop in your handbag on the go and can be worn day or night. I prefer to wear this one as a daytime scent personally because I prefer to wear more fragrant perfumes in the evenings.

Top notes:California Orange, Blackcurrant, Dewberry, Pink Peppercorn 
Heart notes: Jasmine, Madonna Lily, Peach, Raspberry, Tuberose 
Base notes: Cedarwood, Oak moss, Vanilla

Makeup, MAC Lipsticks 'HoneyLove' & 'Creme Cup'

I have a fair collection of MAC lipsticks, although these two would definitely be my favourites. I've talked about 'HoneyLove' a lot before on my blog, YouTube videos, and on my Instagram. It is my signature matte nude lip, and I'm sure I will be restocking this for a very long time so let's hope that they never stop making it! 'Creme Cup' is more of a pink nude, this is perfect for brightening up my face when I feel I need a bit of colour on my lips and my cheeks. It matches perfectly with my favourite blusher, 'Orgasm' by NARS, and looks especially gorgeous in the summer. So roll on that Spring-time sunshine!

Fragrance, Valentino 'Donna' Eau de Parfum

Since purchasing this scent earlier last year, it quickly became a favourite of mine. I've been through my fair share of scents through the ages. I remember one of my firsts being 'The Female Boss' by Tulisa... Some I have definitely loved more than others, so much that I'll buy them time after time.  This perfume is an elegant scent, it's fragrant, but it's mature and just oozes passion. Not only is it's packaging stunning, it even smells beautiful, if there is such a thing! This perfume is perfect for evening wear. and as soon as I spritz it on I automatically feel ladylike and sophisticated.

Top notes: Bergamont
Heart notes: Iris Pallida, Rose
Base notes: Leather, Patchouli, Vanilla

This duo lip product is such a handy little thing to have on-the-go when you want to fit all the essentials conveniently in your makeup bag. Having the liner and the lipstick all in one place is a god send - no more wasted time hunting for the right lip liner to match your lippy! I'm not always one for a bold statement red lip, and I do appreciate and have a big love for a pretty nude shade. The top part of this duo is the lip liner, this part of the duo offers definition to your lips. It contours, therefore giving the illusion of bigger lips. However, it also offers a subtle shimmer in its formula that can highlight beautifully. The bottom end of the stick is the lipstick product. This lipstick is sleek and smooth, and will provide full coverage for a stunning lip makeup look. This particular shade is perfect for anyone that likes to keep their lips beautiful but subtle.

These eyeshadow pencils are GENIUS. Using contrasting colours, and light flex technology, Charlotte has developed the colours to enhance and transform your natural eye colour. 'Amber Haze' is a shade developed for brown eyes, its shimmering amber pigment along with its brown tone compliments darker eye colours beautifully. The golden shade I also have, 'Champagne Diamonds' is as glamorous as its name, and it is as perfect as an eyeshadow highlight as it is rolled over the entire eyelid. If you have blue eyes, this one would be perfectly suited to you and will make those eyes of yours pop! These pencils are also infused with Synthetic Sapphire for the perfect sparkling finish. One thing to mention about application is that these shadows do set really quickly, so make sure you blend it in fast when applying. On the plus side, once the shadow has set, it will fantastically last you all day long! I am now quite obsessed with these shadow pencils, and honestly, I would happily have the whole set. 

Makeup, Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Black Mascara

In 'Glossy Black', this mascara is perfect for achieving the curl, volume, length, separation, and drama that every girl desires for their eyelashes. I tend to find finding the right balance with mascaras fairly frustrating at times. I always want the volume, the curl, and the length, but I have only found few mascaras that achieve those results without clumping all the individual lashes together and therefore giving me 'spider-leg' eyes that feel clumpy all day! With a good size wand and brush, Charlotte's mascara offers all of the above, yet rather wonderfully, does NOT clump my lashes together - hallelujah! I do love how this mascara achieves the look I want, but also keeps my lashes looking rather natural and not like I've applied loads of coats!

Ted Baker Harlonn Washbag

Everyone knows I'm a French Bulldog fan, so this was the perfect present from my parents. It's so gorgeous! It is also available in various colours, so just click on the subheading above to be directed. It is also available in a smaller bag, but because I am a makeup hoarder the 'Washbag' size is perfect for me. I have so much love for this! 

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