Tuesday, 11 July 2017


I never thought that ditching the traditional wardrobe and opting for an affordable clothing rail would have such a positive influence on how I view my clothes and my everyday style. 

Since moving into an apartment, I decided to opt for an affordable, yet reliable, clothing rail and it has been the best change for my style outlook so far. Admittedly, I used to be that person that had clothes in their wardrobe that never saw the light of day. Up until recently going through my clothing collection in an attempt to downsize, I rediscovered all my forgotten items, and I even felt a little ashamed to see how many items still had their tags on and had never been worn! Previously, I had a tendency to forget the "special" garments that I hung in my wardrobe and go straight for my drawers filled with basic t-shirts. It began to feel too comfortable!

 It must sound crazy for me to claim that a clothing rail has made such a difference, but being able to see my clothes has opened up my eye for style once again. I am now waking up every morning and opening my eyes to a beautiful clothing collection and whilst it may not be a dreamy walk in wardrobe, it is still very dreamy to me. 

Where can I buy?

The wonderful place that is Ikea, of course. I was absolutely shocked at what great value Ikea are selling their rails for. For £6.50, this is such a bargain. If you're struggling for space and money, this is perfect! It is so simple to put together too, you don't even need a screwdriver! Additionally, for that neat and consistent look, stock up on their wooden hangers too. I love them and at just £3.50 for 8 hangers, you can't go wrong! I personally couldn't find a better deal elsewhere! Click the images below to shop!

*Please note that this post is not sponsored content, these are my genuine purchases and my genuine thoughts and opinions.

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