Sunday, 30 July 2017


Up until recently, I have never really felt the need to wear a watch, mainly because my phone was always constantly glued to my hand and if it wasn't, I felt panicked. Now, at 21 years old, I am realising the true value of time, work, and family/friends, and I have recognised the importance of a little clock that sits happily on your wrist. Without offering a distracting text from that person, or an Instagram update, a watch can keep you in check without stealing away 20 minutes of your day filled with notifications here and there. 

This watch was kindly gifted to me on my 21st birthday by my boyfriend (@bkelseyfitness), and I absolutely love it! Its rose gold hardware and mist grey suede (genuine leather) stole my heart. For me, the Kensington 34 watch face is a perfect size. It's visible and noticeable, yet not too large that it looks bulky on my smaller-sized wrist. Abbott Lyon watches allow interchangeable straps, so you can purchase another strap in an alternative colour or material and swap the straps easily and efficiently yourself at home!

Dainty and beautiful, this watch is a classic addition to any wardrobe and is ideal as an everyday accessory. Keep an eye on my Instagram (@evieroselane_) and blog to see how I'll be styling up this item in the future!

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