Saturday 16 September 2017


There is a world full of confusing supplements, click bait, and false claims out there. I personally don't like taking many supplements, but the only two things I do have regularly are protein shakes and BCAAs. These are supplements that add to my nutritional diet, in areas that I may need a little help getting the amount that I need. In complete honesty, I do not have some strict diet plan that I stick to every day and have that same routine each week, so my diet varies. One thing that I try to keep fairly regular is getting a good amount of protein into my diet. Protein comes from things like chicken, eggs, nuts, etc. But there is only so many eggs that a gal wants to eat! Quick and easy protein shakes allow me to get my protein in and help me make sure that I am having enough calories to fuel my muscle growth and repair. I never, ever, ever replace my meals with shakes and I wouldn't support that either. I drink a protein shake immediately after my gym sessions.

In addition to my protein shakes that I have post-workout, I also sip BCAA amino acids before and during my workouts. These act as the building blocks for protein. Since incorporating BCAAs into my sessions, I've found myself feeling less sore and recovering far quicker, therefore meaning that I am able to get back into the gym quicker and am less likely to suffer with muscle soreness.


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My Favourite Protein Snack

Please note: I am not a nutritionist. I am simply sharing what works for me, and my experience. I get asked a lot about these things, so if you do have any further questions, just ask and I will answer as best as I can.

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