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Whilst some are temporary, others are here to stay. They transform the way we view, buy, and share style. A huge trend this winter are hats: warm accessories that carry practicability and have the power to add the finishing touch to your outdoor look.

Being someone who regularly likes to keep up to date with style trends and what's hot right now, I have developed a few little tricks to keeping current yet maintaining affordability. When it comes to price tags, there is nothing more soul destroying than seeing that something that you love is out of your financial reach. Being at University for the last 4 years, I have had to be strict on my spending and find ways around splashing out on current trends. I mean, I bet you guys didn't guess that this beret I'm wearing actually cost me just FOUR POUNDS. Considering the popularity of them at the moment, I highly doubt you'll find a more competing price. So what's my secrets?

1. Shop around

Don't be shy to have a snoop around for the best prices. Familiarise yourself with what's out there first and you'll be more informed when it comes to making a decision on what to buy and where.


Ahhhh, the good old dupe. They're your best friend when you're a fashion loving student, and there's no excitement like when you find a new one! If you aren't familiar with the term, a dupe is basically a much cheaper copy of a designer or luxury product.

3. Don't snub off Primark

Places like Primark and Poundland are often snubbed at. Whilst long term quality of the item may not be great and long-lasting. A temporary trend that you want to try out yourself may not even last a year. I find that Primark are highly responsive to the trends and great at producing dupe products, even for other high street stores. Most of the time, no one will even tell the difference. Plus, if it really bothers you, why not just cut out the label? The beret in this post is from Primark and I just love it!

4. Make the most of the discounts

It's approaching the Boxing Day sales, so it's nearly time to grab yourself a load of fantastic discounted products to kick off the new year. Again, shop around. I find that online shopping is the best place for this as you can easily compare brands and view what discounts they are offering.  Also, definitely make the most from bloggers sharing with you lists of the top discounts available, and their favourite on-trend products.

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