Monday 11 June 2018

What my Typical Week in the Gym Looks Like

Fitness is an incredible journey. I may not have the best abs, or the biggest bottom, but that’s not what my training is about. It’s about pushing myself to achieve my best, and to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. I embarked my fitness journey initially as a new years resolution, back in 2016. Cardio featured heavily when I first started training, mainly out of fear of the weights section. After being taught exercises and how to use weights properly by a fantastic PT in my gym, I've never looked back since. 

The gym is a place of clarity, sometimes of refuge. I release my own stresses, realise my own strengths, and I feel inspired there. Growing up, sport was never my thing but training with weights gives me an energy, an unforgettable energy. The schedule of my sessions at the moment features 3-4 sessions that typically range between 1 and a half to 2 hours long. I've always felt that training 6 days a week, at the moment, just wouldn't be sustainable for me, so I personally prefer to do 3-4 hard working sessions and always give them my 100%.

I begin each session now with 10-20 minutes high incline walk cardio. I find it not too strenuous yet a good warmup and fat burner to kickstart my workout. I then follow this with a 5 or 10 minute abs circuit, alternating between various 30 second exercises. I split my sessions up into muscle groups in order to ensure that the majority of muscles get trained. With core already covered, at the beginning of the week, I'll have an arms and shoulder session, some of my favourite exercises when training arms (but not limited to) include the shoulder press, tricep rope pushdowns, and cable bar bicep curls. Following that, I'll train back and chest, including (but not limited to) lat pull downs, t-bar rows, press ups, and the cable fly. Thirdly, I'll train legs and glutes. At the moment my top go-to legs and glutes exercises include heavy glute bridges using a smith machine, goblet squats, sumo deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, hamstring curls, and the leg press. For the fourth session of the week, as I don't always fit one in, I'll vary with what I train. However, more often than not, it is either a second legs session as I feel they demand more of me. I am stronger on legs, I lift heavier, and building glutes is always a goal! Or I'll go for a more cardio and abs focused workout. I typically enjoy this if I feel that I need to relieve a bit of stress as it clears my mind a little, or I've just eaten too much cake that week and want more of a fat burner session!

I'd love to hear about what your typical week in the gym is like, and whether or not you found this post insightful or interesting? Let me know, and I'll then be sure to keep up the fitness posts. Have a great week!

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