Sunday 6 December 2020

How to Decorate a Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath

close up of wreath

For the first time this year, I got stuck in and decorated my own Christmas wreath. Despite the perfectionist in me, I found it surprisingly straight forward and effective. Having a hand in the creation process and personalising it myself certainly made it even more special too. 


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You'll need:
- A pack of thin wire (like this)
- A pre-prepared wreath base or wreath kit (I got mine from Bloom & Wild, get £10 off your first order here.)
- Items for decoration
- A bunch of mixed foliage
- Ribbon (I used this one here)
- Floristry scissors (like these)

1. Firstly gather up all your decorative items and separate them into clear piles by type. I used gold sprayed seed heads, pinecones, guinea fowl feathers and a collection of different foliage for mine!

2. Trim your foliage into sprigs around 3-6 inches long in length. You can bunch 2 or 3 sprigs together or keep them separate. 

christmas wreath kit

3. Next take one wire and tie it around the base or stem of your decoration. Leave one end of wire two thirds longer than the other and twist the shorter end around the remaining wire so it's neatly concealed. If you're using feathers like me, you should be able to poke these in without needing wire.

4. Placing your wreath on the table in front of you, position the first foliage or decoration pointing clockwise. Once you're happy with the position, feed the wire through the back of your wreath, fixing it around the back with the remaining wire.

decorating a christmas wreath

5. Carry on adding your decoration and foliage around your Christmas wreath. A good tip is to add your decorations pointing the same direction and evenly space out the different types.

6. Finally tie the ribbon in a bow on the top or bottom of your wreath. You can also tie a smaller length of ribbon in a small hoop at the top on the reverse side to hang your wreath to the door or wall.

If you gave wreath decorating a go after this post, let me know in the comments or tag me at @evieroselane on Instagram!

finished christmas wreath

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