Friday 30 April 2021

How to find your style and stick to it

Believe me when I say I've spent many years wondering who I am, what I like and who I am supposed to be but I don't think I ever really had ALL the answers. I mean, does anyone? 

That being said, as I have grown older I've never felt more comfortable in who I am and what I like than now. When you're younger, it's exciting to try as many fashion styles as possible and experiment but over the years I've developed my taste to know what suits my body and what I like best. I no longer waste money on fads and trends that I'll never wear again. Instead I opt for timeless pieces and before buying, I'll always ask myself: "would Evie in five years time wear this?" If the answer is no absolutely not, then the hanger gently goes back on the shelf. Now I know that thinking far into the future is sometimes a daunting prospect but in this instance, it prevents me from investing in pieces that I simply will not love for years to come. For me, that's worth letting my mind wonder forward for.

houndstooth blazer

How to find your style

Think about your wardrobe. What pieces spark the most joy for you? For me, these are my fluttery floral dresses, my elegant Coach Tabby black handbag and my fierce houndstooth print blazer. Have you got some pieces in mind? Great! Now let's break those pieces down into colour, prints and styles. For me, it's clear from my love of floral dresses that I adore soft pastel tones, nature inspired prints and elegant, flattering fits. From my love of my houndstooth print blazer and black handbag, it's clear I am equally a big fan of power dressing garments, neutral and monochrome colour palettes and pieces that hold a little structure.

coach tabby bag

When I'm stuck for things to wear or buy, I'll keep a mental note in my mind of brands within my typical budget that I always end up looking to for inspiration and newness. That way, when I'm in need of a new outfit, I can almost rely on at least one of those brands pull something out the bag that I'd be interested in wearing. To name drop a few: Zara, H&M, Mango and Oasis have all been sending my bank balance in a spin lately so I'd likely search their new in collections down first before anything else.

When it comes to finding your style, over time it may alter and change - of course it will! But I do believe that we can easily create a little more consistency in our wardrobe just as much as we do in our day-to-day routines with defining our go-to looks. If you're feeling a bit meh, lost or confused about your own fashion style (we've all been there!) try the above to help you define your main style pillars and go from there. 

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