Friday 20 November 2020

Must Have Accessories For Autumn

must have accessories

With a love for fashion so strong, it's no surprise that I'll often find myself swooning over dainty jewellery or luxurious handbags. Accessories are often what tie a look together. They're the finishing touch and in Autumn, it's no different. There's something so lovely about layering clothing and accessories during the darker, colder months. From soft scarves and fedora hats to sparkling jewels and hair ties, here's some must have accessories that I'll be raving about this Autumn.

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Pearls are a trend which have seen ins and outs over the years, but will they ever truly go away? I don't think so. For me, they're back in this season and bringing sheer elegance to any outfit. Available in an array of colours, my personal top choices usually always come back to classic white or sophisticated silver. Stud earrings with metal hardware and minimalist pendants add a modern minimalist twist to this all time classic trend.

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fedora hat


Providing shade and shelter, the fedora hat is a good choice for the season with sunny showers and crispy leaves. Fedora hats are both a contemporary and a traditional fashion favourite. I like to style mine fairly casually with a big comfy coat and a polished pair of black boots for an all round country inspired look.

hair accessories


Hair ties aren't just for two year olds! In fact, they're a hot topic this season with options growing and growing. From the simple slide to the organza extravaganza, hair ties are becoming the new headband. I'm a fan of keeping it simple and creative so I'll often use branded ribbon, like Dior, to give my up-do the oomph it deserves. However, there are also beautiful hair ribbons available to order from our high street favourites which too make the perfect finishing touch.

face covering


It's the accessory that literally everyone is wearing and if they're not, they should be. After the year we've had so far, the face mask is certainly a must have accessory. I'm not the person to be writing about the science behind it so I'll stick to style. There's plenty of style now that the buyers and designers at our favourite brands have worked their magic! From patterned prints to bold colour choices, even without your smile on show, you can still express an element of your personality. Personally, I'm a fan of pastel colours and floral prints, which some might say represent my introverted but caring personality. 

What would yours be? Tell me in the comments or tag me at @evieroselane on Instagram.

Must Have Accessories For Autumn

Saturday 14 November 2020

5 Things To Get You Through Lockdown

As England is now into its second lockdown for at least the month of November, I wanted to write a lockdown list together of little things that have had a big impact on my day-to-day happiness during my time spent at home this year.

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At the top of the list, it has to be my sheepskin slippers. They've seen me through working from home so well this year and I religiously shuffle around in them every single day, hardly ever taking them off. 
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I think we've all had a greater appreciation for loungewear this year. Not only is it comfortable, loungewear now has a place within fashion in its own right. Whether you're a knitwear lounger or a fan of the comfy sweat co-ord, loungewear has certainly been an essential during this lockdown period.


Next up isn't just any old beauty product, it's beauty that makes YOU feel good. I despise that downward feeling of sloppiness. It's that feeling you get when you've not made an effort in a while - perhaps you've left your hair wash a bit longer than usual; not worn makeup in months; or maybe you've not bothered to fix that three week old nail polish that is chipping all over the place. We've all been there and my favourite way to fix that sloppy feeling is to use some of the most feel good beauty products. It's surprising how good a coat of fake tan, a face mask and a freshly painted manicure can make you feel!


Did someone say I can get Netflix, Amazon Prime films, and TV catchup hubs all in one place on my TV? Yes please! I'm not usually one to write about technology but this couldn't not be on my lockdown favourites list, it's the Amazon Fire TV Stick. As a couple, we've stormed through many Netflix series this year. It may be way overdue but we finally got to appreciate the genius of Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad. If lockdown gave me one thing, I'm thankful it was that. 

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Now more than ever, exercise has aided my wellbeing. In the first national lockdown, I went through an obsessive stage with my yoga mat and skipping rope. This time around, I've ordered a pair of pink boxing gloves and taken up jogging. I'll do whatever it takes to fill that gym sized hole in my life and these affordable home workout options have been a life saver.

Tell me your at home essentials in the comments or tag me at @evieroselane on Instagram.

5 Things To Get You Through Lockdown

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