Friday, 27 November 2020

Gift Guide For Her: 20 Gifts She'll Love!

20 gifts for her

Whether you're shopping for your sister, your Secret Santa, your best friend, or your partner, it can be a struggle to find a gift that you know they'll love within your budget. This gift guide for her presents 20 gift ideas for the lady in your life at a range of price points to help you find the perfect present this year. 

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Comfy and cute, this long sleeve pyjama shorts set from Topshop is a lovely gift. With a hair accessory to match, this nightwear combination will make her feel and look great!



Another great gift to make her feel fabulous is a MAC lipstick. Available in a range of shades and the ultimate makeup accessory, this gift makes for a great stocking filler or main gift depending on your budget. If you're unsure of shade, I'd recommend sneaking a peek at your recipient's existing lipstick collection to see what shades they like to wear most. Alternatively, opt for a safer option like a nude tone similar to their natural lip colour.



This new perfume from Armani is a sweet floral explosion. This positive scent oozes confidence and sophistication and comes complete with a beautifully designed refillable bottle.


Notorious in the make up world for lengthening natural eyelashes, this mascara is a must have! If she's a makeup fan, she'll certainly love this.



If your recipient loves keeping up with style trends and buying the latest garments, she will love this trending accessory. The shoulder bag has made an epic comeback this year and this knotted style is a new fashion favourite!



What's better than one nude nail polish? Three nude nail polishes! This cute trio makes a lovely stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.


This dainty clip is a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for those that love styling their hair. With a bejewelled design, this hair clip will certainly sparkle up their Christmas.


star hair clip



Available in grey and cream, this knitted bobble hat beanie is a gift they'll love wearing. To keep them warm and cosy, this accessory is a great gift for the colder months.



Diptyque candles are a luxurious gift. The candles are priced towards the higher end of budgets but their iconic design and range of scents make them a wonderful gift for her.



April Green's book 'Bloom For Yourself' is filled with poetic writing surrounding the topic of self love and healing. It speaks the words you may not be able to find and is a soothing book that can be revisited time and time again. It's a meaningful gift for anyone going through a difficult time.


    bloom for yourself book


The second book in April Green's 'Bloom For Yourself' series is a poetic reflection on letting go of the things holding you back, moving forward and allowing yourself to grow. Another meaningful gift for someone special this year.

bloom for yourself book 2


I don't know a woman who doesn't like jewellery! This geometric pair of earrings is a modern take on the classic gold hoops and a beautiful gift for her.



A small yet essential eyeshadow palette that allows you to create day to night looks with subtle yet glamorous shades. 



A personalised, sentimental gift to be filled and curated with your favourite memories and photos. This will certainly make them feel loved!



Filled with fragrant luxurious bath soak, this sparkling bauble can be hung on the tree until it's ready to use on Christmas Day. A perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift!



This luxurious duo of pink and classic champagne truffles will certainly make their mouth water!



Warm and comfortable, these sheepskin slippers are high quality, long lasting and make for a lovely present.


   sheepskin slippers


This is a great gift idea for your bestie, sister or partner. Simply select a photo of you together that you both love and have it made into an artistic print!



Give them the gift of uplifting scent this year. From Neom's 'Scent to Make you Happy' range, this candle is designed to inspire wellbeing benefits through its mood boosting fragrance. 



The pamper queen will love this gift in her stocking this year! This trio of 15 minute face masks are designed to treat tired skin with relaxing, hydrating benefits. 


 If you've ordered one of these gifts for a loved one or have any gift recommendations you'd like to add, let me know in the comments below or tag me at @evieroselane on Instagram.

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Gift Guide For Her: 20 Gifts She'll Love!

Saturday, 14 November 2020

5 Things To Get You Through Lockdown

As England is now into its second lockdown for at least the month of November, I wanted to write a lockdown list together of little things that have had a big impact on my day-to-day happiness during my time spent at home this year.

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At the top of the list, it has to be my sheepskin slippers. They've seen me through working from home so well this year and I religiously shuffle around in them every single day, hardly ever taking them off. 
Shop my slippers here.


I think we've all had a greater appreciation for loungewear this year. Not only is it comfortable, loungewear now has a place within fashion in its own right. Whether you're a knitwear lounger or a fan of the comfy sweat co-ord, loungewear has certainly been an essential during this lockdown period.


Next up isn't just any old beauty product, it's beauty that makes YOU feel good. I despise that downward feeling of sloppiness. It's that feeling you get when you've not made an effort in a while - perhaps you've left your hair wash a bit longer than usual; not worn makeup in months; or maybe you've not bothered to fix that three week old nail polish that is chipping all over the place. We've all been there and my favourite way to fix that sloppy feeling is to use some of the most feel good beauty products. It's surprising how good a coat of fake tan, a face mask and a freshly painted manicure can make you feel!


Did someone say I can get Netflix, Amazon Prime films, and TV catchup hubs all in one place on my TV? Yes please! I'm not usually one to write about technology but this couldn't not be on my lockdown favourites list, it's the Amazon Fire TV Stick. As a couple, we've stormed through many Netflix series this year. It may be way overdue but we finally got to appreciate the genius of Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad. If lockdown gave me one thing, I'm thankful it was that. 

Shop it here.


Now more than ever, exercise has aided my wellbeing. In the first national lockdown, I went through an obsessive stage with my yoga mat and skipping rope. This time around, I've ordered a pair of pink boxing gloves and taken up jogging. I'll do whatever it takes to fill that gym sized hole in my life and these affordable home workout options have been a life saver.

Tell me your at home essentials in the comments or tag me at @evieroselane on Instagram.

5 Things To Get You Through Lockdown

Saturday, 5 September 2020

7 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself On Social Media

social media comparison

We've all been there - not feeling yourself, demotivated, perhaps doubting your successes in life. Then you log on to Instagram, and there it is, hundreds of highly edited photos from those travelling the world; modelling bikinis with the figure you've always wanted looking undeniably "perfect"; those getting the keys to their first home and having children in their perfect marriages; those moving to the big city to pursue your dream career; or even those sharing their expensive handbag collection which might be worth more than your life savings. Whilst I'm very much a person who loves seeing others thrive and share their content with the world, on days when you're not feeling quite right these posts can give your inner saboteur the fuel to make you feel ten times more worthless. Of course, it's not the other person's fault that you're having these feelings. 99% of the time, I feel empowered and inspired to set my own goals and I must like their content enough to follow them in the first place. However, it's always okay to admit that it's become too much and take temporary action to step away from it, even without the other party knowing. 

Why do we compare?

Often we find ourselves stuck in a comparison trap because we compare our behind-the-scenes mundane everyday moments with someone else's success and highlight reel. We each have our own insecurities which can often feel triggered by things we observe or see and that's no different on social media. We may question our accomplishments, appearance and even personality traits. 

I recently shared a poll on my Instagram stories of which 92% of you agreed that you had compared yourself on social media to someone you didn't even know. 70% of you had unfollowed someone due to these feelings of comparison, and 57% of you mostly compared your lifestyle whereas 43% mostly compared their looks.

So how can we stop comparing ourselves and our lives to others on social media?

There is a few actions you can take.

  • Mute Instagram accounts that you are finding triggering. You can do this either temporarily or for the longer term. The other party won't even know you have muted their account as they won't lose you as a follower. By muting them, you won't be seeing posts from them on your feeds anymore. You take more control and you only see their content if you search for it. To mute an account, head to their profile. Click 'Following', then select 'Mute' from the menu, choose whether you'd like to mute posts and/or stories.
  • Limit your time on social media. Instagram has a handy tool which allows you to set a timer for your daily usage on the platform. You'll get a notification once you've reached that set amount of time for the day and you can decide if it's now time to come off the app. To set your daily activity reminder, head to 'Settings', then 'Your Activity', and 'Set Daily Reminder' choosing an amount of time that suits you. Alternatively, you could consider deleting social media apps from your phone all together. You keep your accounts live but you won't be spending time scrolling as the temptation has gone from your fingertips. You can always re-install whenever you feel like it. 
  • Unfollow accounts that make you feel more negative than positive. This is a longer term solution which will remove that account from your following list and you'll no longer see posts from them on your feed.
  • Redirect your focus onto the things that really matter to you. Take time out to spend time on things that matter to you. This could be anything from practicing yoga or growing your own to volunteering at the local dog's home. These things that you do that help yourself or others can feel super rewarding and humbling. You'll remember that it's not all about what you have or how you look, but more how you feel and how you help others.
  • Remind yourself that everybody is on different journeys. You never know what anybody is going through behind closed doors so always, be kind. 
  • Learn to celebrate other people's successes with them rather than compare to your own. Instead of seeing a post and feeling down about yourself, why not comment a compliment and some love heart emojis. They'll hopefully reciprocate and you'll feel good that you were there to support them and be a part of their positive moment. 
  • Try to only follow accounts that inspire you or that you find relatable. 

"Never compare your chapter 1 to somebody else's chapter 20"

When talking about social media comparison, it is easy to forget that there are other aspects of social media which make it an incredible tool. Right now it's connecting us socially more than ever. I can think of so many inspiring people who are using these platforms to share their voice; freelancers who've felt more empowered to take the plunge into self employment; and start ups utilising the power of social media advertising and user generated content to build their brand. As a consumer, it can motivate us, inspire us, connect us and entertain us. We just need to ensure that we use social media in a way that works for us. 

Hopefully, the tips that I've listed above have helped you and given you some things to try next time you feel overwhelmed by social media comparison. Please continue the conversation by leaving a comment below or sharing this post to your social channels. I'd love to know how you control social media comparison in your own life and the steps you are taking to minimise it.

Continue the conversation with me over on Instagram @evieroselane or by posting a comment below.


7 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself On Social Media

Friday, 28 August 2020

How to Make a Flower Crown

flower crown

Flower crown making is creativity at its best and it's surprisingly easy to do. In this post, I'll teach you how to make a flower crown for yourself with a few easy steps. We're all guilty of living in a whirlwind of work, social time, family time, eat and sleep, but I certainly feel its important to slow down and have quiet time to create. Plus, they say finding your inner child is good for you and this flower girl is one happy princess. 

What you'll need:

  • Flowers & foliage (I used "The Maya" by Bloom&Wild)
  • Wax floristry tape, like this
  • Wire, like this
  • 1 metre of ribbon
  • Scissors

Step by step guide:

First, measure your wire on the front of your head like a headband, leaving an inch or two behind your ears. Bend each end into loops, big enough for your ribbon to be tied through. Cover any sticking out wire by wrapping your floristry tape over the join. Layer the floristry tape at a 45 degree angle when wrapping, working down the wire as opposed to layering it directly on top of itself.

In preparation for adding your flowers, tear off pieces of floristry tape at about an inch or two in length. Start cutting the tops off of your foliage and flowers that you wish to incorporate into the crown, but be sure to leave a few inches of stem and don't cut them too short. Sort your flowers into piles by type, then choose your first piece of foliage. Hiding the wire loop, attach the foliage to the end of your crown using one of your teared pieces of tape. Next put together a small bunch of two and attach this to the wire, slightly downward from your first attachment. Each time you add a new piece, try to add in a left, right formation so that your flower crown is beautifully balanced. 

Once you've reached the end of your flower crown, be sure to add a piece of foliage in the alternate direction to conceal the second wire loop from sight. Cut your ribbon in half, and tie each piece of ribbon at either end of your crown. Take your crowning moment and tie your flower crown on your head. Ta-dah!

Tag me in your floral crown creations on Instagram @evieroselane #bloomsbyevie 

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How to Make a Flower Crown

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Life After Lockdown & How It's Changed Me

life in lockdown

For the last four months, we've been locked up inside due to the dreaded Covid-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus. It's been a surreal time in all of our lifetimes and although it's not over yet, the UK is slowly opening back up and easing back into normal life. Since we've been inside, I imagine it's been a rollercoaster ride for all of us and I'm sure we've all learned how to cope in different ways, or even not cope.

I suppose I am one of the "lucky ones" as I have managed to stay working from home full time for the whole of the lockdown. With working full time and my own projects, I've stayed quite distracted from the whirlwind of negative news and brain numbing boredom. That's not to say it's been easy though.

Who would have thought we'd be spending 2020 like this?

Like many, I've been separated from family and desperately regretting not getting all of the grandparents set up on the millennial crazed FaceTime before this pandemic (but then who would have thought we'd be spending 2020 like this?). I've kept up regular phone calls, but it's not quite the same as seeing them smile in person and them seeing for themselves that we're doing OK. Throughout the pandemic, the safety of my loved ones has been at the forefront of my worry and I knew I'd have to stay away for precisely that reason. 

The socially distanced new normal does lead me on to wonder how we'll be as a society moving forward. Will I wince every time someone gets too close to me in public? How will I feel now getting on public transport knowing the likelihood of the virus spreading in such close proximity? When will I stop feeling guilty for touching my loved ones? What do I do in a professional environment if somebody reaches out politely for a handshake? Will I ever feel fully comfortable wearing a mask even though I should?

We've had the opportunity to slow down and realise what truly matters. Before this, our modern world was crammed full of stressful commutes, overtime, hectic crowds, selfishness, greed, air pollution and a constantly buzzing mobile phone.

Despite it all, a big learning curve has come from this experience that we can all learn from. We now appreciate our NHS teams and key workers more than ever (and rightly so). We remember to check in more often with our loved ones and those living on their own. We now know (hopefully) how to wash our hands to the tune of Happy Birthday, twice. We've had the opportunity to slow down and realise what truly matters. Before this, our modern world was crammed full of stressful commutes, overtime, hectic crowds, selfishness, greed, air pollution and a constantly buzzing mobile phone. I've realised just how fragile life can be and how important it is to spend your time investing in yourself, your home, your health and your loved ones.

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Life After Lockdown & How It's Changed Me

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

My Care Tips for Cut Peonies

peony flower

Peony season is my favourite floral event of the year. It's an absolute pleasure to have these big blooms grace our home and gardens, if only for a few short months. It feels like an annual celebration of what the world can offer and I am always truly sad to see it pass.

From buds to blooms

Before they go for another year, I thought I'd pull together my top tips for how I get the most out of my cut peonies. If you've bought or grown peonies before, you'll know they begin as tightly formed buds, typically covered in a little sap. Within a few days, they'll begin to blossom into big bountiful blooms and give you the biggest surprise. Peony buds can actually expand 3x the size of the bud once fully opened up. Don't worry if the buds have a few dark spots or look a little stained, this is completely normal. You can encourage your buds to open if you're growing impatient by gently wiping the sap off with a damp cloth and placing in a warmer sunnier spot.

Keep them for longer

Although stunning, peonies tend to last for around 5 days or more once cut and placed in an arrangement. To help your peonies last longer, keep them cool in cold water when you first bring them home or cut them from your garden. Prepare them for arranging by stripping the leaves below the waterline or further up depending on your desired style. Cut the stems 3-5cm from the bottom in a diagonal chop. This will help the peonies absorb more water as soon as they get put into the vase. After three days, trim the stems down a few cm again and top up the water. Remove any petals that may look brown, dead or mushy as these will rapidly encourage your peonies to go over.

Clean vases for happier blooms

Ensure you have a clean vase ready as any bacteria may cause the peonies to die off quicker than normal. Fill your vase with cool water and mix in flower food to give the flowers the best chance for surviving indoors for longer.

Where to buy?

You could partner your peonies with other flowers, such as roses, lisianthus, or freesias for a seasonal bouquet or enjoy them as a stand alone statement. You can usually buy peonies in the supermarket with your weekly shop but if you're currently unable to go due to the lockdown rules, you can also order them as letterbox delivered flowers online from websites such as Bloom&Wild. For £10 off your first Bloom&Wild order, click here.

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My Care Tips for Cut Peonies

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