Sunday 25 August 2019

Essential Clothes to Wear on a Beach Holiday

Are you stuck whilst packing for your next holiday, or perhaps you're putting together a shopping list for your next trip to the beach? In order to help your packing this season, I've put together a selection of my top three summer beach holiday essentials.

A comfortable and flattering bikini is key. Whether it's a high waist style, a standard pant, or even a thong, just ensure that you are feeling comfortable and confident whilst wearing it. There are so many different styles, patterns and prints on the market these days that it almost makes it impossible to choose!

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There is nothing worse than feeling hot, sticky, sandy and uncomfortable on a beach holiday. So ensure you've got yourself covered with a light and airy summer day dress. I found that cotton materials were the best way to go to prevent clothes feeling heavy, sticky and non-absorbant. I packed two floral dresses on our last trip because I couldn't decide which one I loved more, and I'm definitely glad I packed both!

This may seem like such a small item to include in your case, but trust me - it will become your favourite. The headband was such an essential for me on our trip to Cape Verde. I feel my best when I have my hair down, but the heat and the wind made it impossible to stop my long thick hair sticking to my face. Not only is the headband a cute accessory to add to any outfit (and totally on trend this season) it also becomes your most essential and the best way to keep your hair out of your face!

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Essential Clothes to Wear on a Beach Holiday

Saturday 22 June 2019

How I Style The White Blouse

white blouse outfithow to style the white blouse

It's one of my all time favourite combinations - the classic white shirt and skinny jeans.

I like to switch it up between black denim and blue denim, but generally, I find a crisp white blouse unbeatable for everyday smart-casual fashion. 
In the daytime look above, I've opted for a broderie elegant blouse with puffed sleeve detail, and I have partnered it with a contrasting black outfit. The combination of the croc effect handbag and the gothic style heeled boots adds a contemporary twist on classic dressing. 

How I Style The White Blouse

Sunday 19 May 2019

How I Style The Satin Midi Dress

how to style the satin dress

satin midi dress outfit

As you know, I'm a fan of satin and when I found this dress online, I couldn't wait to style it up!

Satin isn't often something we consider when we shop for dresses, but the way it gleams in the light and how the material glides over the body is stunning.

For a chic and simple look...

1. Layer with a blazer or a cropped jacket to compliment and draw attention to the outfit as a whole.
2. Partner it up with black heeled boots for a classic but fierce look.
3. Wear it with a smile. There is no better accessory than a smile, and it will never go out of style.

Satin inspired? Check out the below!

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How I Style The Satin Midi Dress

Monday 15 April 2019

Creating a Statement in Leopard Print

When it comes to statement fashion, it's always a risk that either pays off or completely crashes. I often like to play it safe, and I know what trends suit me and what don't. It is very easy to get swept up in what the world is loving, even if it doesn't really represent who we truly are or what we actually like. This is even more emphasised within the online chaos of social media. A trend that always comes back around is leopard print, and admittedly, I am a fan. Although, it must be done right.

With statement garments such as prints or bright colours, I feel the need to style them accordingly to my taste. When styling a statement piece such as this monochrome leopard knit top, I emphasise the statement by styling it with an otherwise block colour outfit. This all black look works well with the monochrome print as it ties together its colours. The one colour enables the print to stand out whilst incorporating its details. As an overall package, it works.

Similarly, statement accessories are one of my own favourable ways to make a statement. For example, statement handbags can look absolutely fabulous with otherwise casual outfits. This is because they draw the attention of the eyes to one sole focus.

When it comes to statement dressing, most of us automatically assume neon, glitter, metallics, and bold prints, but why not make your own statement? Your statement is all down to your own styling. You can make a neutral tone accessory look absolutely incredible next to dark colours, or all white outfits.

Don't be simpleminded when it comes to statements. You can always create your own.

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Creating a Statement in Leopard Print

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Blue Skies and Bag Swings

Making the most of the glorious sunshine that we were granted last weekend, I shot a few outfits outside, including this fabulous jumpsuit! Since my Instagram followers have been showing it a lot of love this week, I thought I would feature it here too.

I always find it surprising how much better a little bit of sunshine can make us feel. Waking up to beaming natural light in my living room instantly lifted my mood and I felt encouraged to make the most out of my day. The clear blue sky was the icing on top of the cake. I spend my winter months longing for summer, and this year I feel like I am awaiting it more than ever.

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Blue Skies and Bag Swings

Saturday 15 December 2018

Live Your Luxe Life

Home is where the heart is.

As I’ve previously mentioned on my instagram, I absolutely love being at home and in my own space. I’m incredibly lucky that where I live now is a fairly quiet community so there is little to no drama. 

Around my work, training, and spending time with my loved ones, I like to invest my time in keeping our flat clean, tidy, and elegant. Although it’s sometimes a struggle with little storage space, we manage to maintain a comfy yet pretty environment which we lovingly call our own. Just don't take a look in the wardrobe!

I adore nothing more than being at home in a fresh pair of sleek, and comfortable pyjamas. Sleep is so important to me and I really do hate missing it, perhaps that’s why I often find myself debating if a night out for no reason is actually all that. From once having a really bad relationship with sleep when I was in my first few years at University (one extreme to the other), to now having a good routine, I have a lot to say about my bedtime tips and previous mistakes, but perhaps I will save that for another post.

Investing in the little luxuries of life, no matter how small can make all the difference, whether it's a time or money investment. I'm not just talking about the materialistic luxuries either, we should be grateful for the luxuries of life that we don't expect. That fantastic night's sleep, or that warm feeling that you get when you do something nice for another person. Luxury is classed as "a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense" but this isn't purely defining products and wealth. I encourage you all to live your luxe life!

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Live Your Luxe Life

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