Saturday, 15 December 2018

Live Your Luxe Life

Home is where the heart is.

As I’ve previously mentioned on my instagram, I absolutely love being at home and in my own space. I’m incredibly lucky that where I live now is a fairly quiet community so there is little to no drama. 

Around my work, training, and spending time with my loved ones, I like to invest my time in keeping our flat clean, tidy, and elegant. Although it’s sometimes a struggle with little storage space, we manage to maintain a comfy yet pretty environment which we lovingly call our own. Just don't take a look in the wardrobe!

I adore nothing more than being at home in a fresh pair of sleek, and comfortable pyjamas. Sleep is so important to me and I really do hate missing it, perhaps that’s why I often find myself debating if a night out for no reason is actually all that. From once having a really bad relationship with sleep when I was in my first few years at University (one extreme to the other), to now having a good routine, I have a lot to say about my bedtime tips and previous mistakes, but perhaps I will save that for another post.

Investing in the little luxuries of life, no matter how small can make all the difference, whether it's a time or money investment. I'm not just talking about the materialistic luxuries either, we should be grateful for the luxuries of life that we don't expect. That fantastic night's sleep, or that warm feeling that you get when you do something nice for another person. Luxury is classed as "a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense" but this isn't purely defining products and wealth. I encourage you all to live your luxe life!

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