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New Year Reflection | The 2018 Edition

It's been a year of new eras, moving on, and growing up. If you've not yet taken a chance to reflect on 2018, let's look back together on what went right. Rather annoyingly, it is so easy for our brains to automatically judge our year as negative, reminding ourselves of all the things that didn't quite go to plan. However, with rain comes rainbows, and this is our chance to change how we reflect, instead of jumping to negative conclusions and statements. Whether you improved your skills, you got that promotion at work, you achieved or worked towards a goal, you finished or started education, or something a little smaller like having a go at something that you once thought you couldn't.

"Finish your year on a good note, 

take from it what you need, 

and keep going."

I'll kick this off, and share with you a few positives from my own past year. I guess the main one is finally gaining my degree. It was quite possibly the hardest experience of my whole life, but overcoming the obstacles, working my way through the difficult times, succeeding and sometimes not reaching my own expectations, all led to a final success which I overcame with pride. What did I learn? I learned that I need to believe in myself more. I didn't at all, and those around me at that time knew it too. Since completing my undergraduate course, my belief in myself has been on the rise. I think that it helps when you're doing something that you are truly passionate about career-wise, but generally, I feel much more capable. Without going into too much detail, I was completely fighting the odds when writing my dissertation. The only way to describe what I was going through was absolute chaos. I fought myself every time into research, meetings, and library sessions whilst writing my thesis. It focused on the objectification of our bodies within the digital world, a topic that was relevant and had context to our millennial culture. I not only passed that dissertation, I got a grade of 72. A first class dissertation that I had earned through every single word, every single struggle, and every single stress. That was a proud moment of 2018.

I graduated amongst my friends and my family, with a second class first division degree in BA Art. Although, I didn't reach a first class overall, I don't beat myself up over it because I know how much it took from me, what I gave, and what I didn't have left to give. I spread my time across my passions, my degree, but also a job, and that was my decision.

"I don't beat myself up over it because

I know how much it took from me, what I gave, 

and what I didn't have left to give."

Post graduation, I began my career in social media marketing as a Social Media Manager for an activewear brand. I manage blogging around my day-job, and I still completely adore it. Up until a few months ago, I was juggling three jobs. I was enjoying each job, but I felt under so much pressure. I barely had any time for myself or my loved ones, and so I made the decision to cut down my commitments. I had so many jobs on my brain at once, jumping from one to the other, and I couldn't switch off. This was a big step in my own decision making, something I've never been overly strong at. Since then, I've felt more independent than I ever have and I live each day my own way.

"In my early teenage years, 
I always thought that at twenty-two
 people had their life together, 
but I'm definitely beginning to realise that 
we are all just making it up
 as we go along!"

On the Evie Rose Lane side of things, my blog and social media platforms have once again brought me to some fabulous places and events this year. Places, such as The Ivy Chelsea and The Dorchester were most definitely at the top of my favourites list! I've been able to place more time and effort into my content since completing my degree, and that is something that I have massively enjoyed, particularly on Instagram. Investing this time has brought more value to my brand, more enjoyment to my work, and has curated a story-telling theme to the imagery that I share with you all.

Another passion of mine that I have managed to stay consistent with this year is fitness. Despite changing gyms, moving home, and changing up my daily routine, I have managed to keep my training regular. I have pushed further, tried out new exercises, and I continue to build on being the best version of myself.

Of course, negatives have also tested me this year, like they probably will have all of us. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we must take from the experiences what we need, and keep going. It does no good for us to automatically exclaim how awful our year has been, disregarding everything that we did well or the good things that happened to us. I used to be that person, dwelling on the awful things that I had gone through, when I should have been proud of the me that was fighting through each day, and overcoming that negativity. I may have had a turbulent year in some aspects, but not in all, and I'm certainly not going to let those "some aspects" determine and re-write my all.

A few reflection questions to ask yourself...

The answers can be as small or large as you like. I've noted fairly large moments above, but other examples include reading several books this year, getting up earlier, and teaching myself more about editing photography. Why not note down your answers with the questions, and you can try this all again next year.

- What did I do this year that went well?
- Where did I go that I really enjoyed?
- What did I improve on this year?
- What did I stay consistent at this year?
- What did I work towards completing or have I completed this year?
- What am I proud of myself for?
- What was a really great moment to remember this year?

Here's to 2018, and wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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