Friday, 20 July 2018


"I'm a believer that gym visits don't have to be boring, so why should your gym-wear be?"

Surrounded by workout videos and inspiration now at our fingertips, no one really delves into what you can wear outside of the gym, after, or on your way to your sweaty session. I typically favour matching sports bra and legging sets in the gym, but outside of the gym, I like to layer up with a sweater or a hoodie for a cool and casual look. Attractive womens hoodies can be hard to come by, but the new range by NICCE has got us all covered! From pretty pastels, to urban styles, I’m sure most people will feel catered for by NICCE with this range.

Today, I'm sporting the sand coloured NICCE hoodie, which provokes a classic and relaxed style through an oversized fit. As a fan of pastel and neutral tones, this nude colour flatters my brunette colourings and skin tone, whilst contrasting with my dark workout clothes. Personally, I gravitate towards lighter tones in the summer as they're softer, and easier to wear, hence why this neutral was a winner for me!

Although I’m referencing the gym in this post, I also adore wearing hoodies while I'm chilling at home, or to cover up in the cooler summer evenings. There’s not much better than relaxing in your own space, propped comfortably in front of Netflix, wrapped up in your premium soft oversized hoodie!


Since becoming a bit of a gym bunny, I like to think I've nailed what to wear when training and what to wear afterwards too. I've narrowed it down into simple catagories: the WELL FITTING BRA, the BOTTOM SCULPTING LEGGINGS, PERFECT FOOTWEAR, and the POST-WORKOUT CHILL GARMENTS.

1. It goes without saying really, and even though I have little boob-age left, us girls still need a well-fitted bra as we're bopping on the treadmill or showing the weights who's boss in the squat rack. I find the bigger the straps, the better they are at supporting you, whilst also being comfortable. As pretty as some of the thinner strapped bras are, and don't get me wrong, I would not rule them out completely, I find the complex strap designs get confusing, and they end up twisted and taking an element of comfort away.

2.  LEGGINGS. If your gym leggings aren't flattering you, then girl, you are doing it wrong and there are better out there, so get shopping! Key things to look our for when picking leggings are; to make sure they're squat proof, the appropriate length, that they are tight but not too tight, shaped around the muscles, contain dry tech fabric so that sweat is a no show, and are designed to offer that flattering fit.

3.  Obviously, in the gym you are expected to wear appropriate trainers. However, I find that flatter style trainers are better for when you're training with weights, especially on leg days as they aid your stability and balance. I adore the style of knit trainers, however if you are training hard then consider getting a stronger shoe, or be prepared for toe rips. Also, if your shoes are light in colour, then always wear white socks! Sorry to sound like your mother, but this is important unless you want stains or just a dodgy look.

4. As gym-wear is often deliberately skin tight for muscle compression and built to show off your shape, it’s somewhat comforting to be able to throw on a looser fit hoodie and call it ‘effortless chic’ after you’re done training. Oversized fits, like the NICCE hoodie that I am wearing in today's post are ideal for this. You can pick your own favourite from the range here, and let me know which style is your favourite fit!

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  1. As keen on pastel and neutral tones, this nude color flatters my brunette coloring's and skin tone whilst contrasting with my dark workout garments. Appealing ladies's hoodies can be tough to come back via however the new range by way of best has were given us all protected. I discover the complex strap designs get difficult and that they turn out to be twisted and taking an element of consolation away.


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