Monday, 30 December 2019

New Year Reflection | The 2019 Edition

new year reflection

This time last year, I wrote a post entitled New Year Reflection. I took the opportunity to look back on 2018 with a smile as I praised myself for my successes and experiences from the year. As I sat reading through the blog post this morning, I felt pleased that I had recorded my thoughts and views at the time. In the post, I asked you, my readers, some reflective questions that you could try out at home to reflect on your own year. As 2019 is now coming to an end with the new year beginning in just a few days, I thought I'd reflect again and ask myself those same questions that I had asked you.

One obvious lifestyle change comes to mind here as I changed jobs back in April. Unfortunately, the job I was in at the time was no longer suiting my needs. It took great strength to walk away from, and at the time it was a situation that caused me great stress. Rather than looking back upon the negatives that I associate with the reasons for the job change, I'm so proud for standing up for myself and doing what I knew I had to. All my life, I have been terrible at putting myself first. I finally learned that the person who will have your back most should always be you. I kept a similar role as a Digital Marketing Executive, but I now work for a bigger company with a bigger team around me.

"I finally learned that the person

 who will have your back most 

should always be you."

In my private life, I have been a supportive girlfriend this year to my partner of three and a half years, Ben. Ben decided at the start of the year to begin bodybuilding competition prep after years of weight training and working as a personal trainer. I've not known dedication like I have witnessed from Ben this year, and his hard work paid off for him. Living together, our meals were all completely separate, with him prepping about six meals a day. Eating treats in front of him was truly quite awful! It's difficult to understand unless you're in the fitness industry, but I am glad that I had the understanding to support him through his journey. It was tough, but we did it, and now we enjoy our meals out and cinema snacks even more than ever.

Our summer holiday to Cape Verde, just before my 23rd birthday, was one of the most enjoyable experiences for us this year. Ben and I had a wonderful time, sipping Pina Coladas on the hotel beach and soaking up the sunshine. The trip struck a chord with me, mostly for the island's "no stress" motto. The people seemed so carefree and friendly, with "no stress" written everywhere you looked. I recall it being the most calm that I had felt in months, apart from the aeroplane taking off and landing! The excursions that we went on included paddling with lemon sharks (that was an experience that I will never forget), and a day trip around the island where we tried their traditional honey rum, saw what the island had to offer and learned about its history. Every time I now hear Bob Marley songs, I can feel myself bobbing about in the back of the mini van singing along as we toured the island with our guide.

 "I recall it being the most calm 

that I had felt in months..."

Fitness has still been a massive part of my weekly routine and I feel proud to have made progress this year, keeping my training consistent despite working full time and working on my own projects in my spare time. I made it a self led mission to strengthen and tone up my quads, calves and hamstrings this year. I can now hit higher weights at high volume, which once seemed impossible.

On the blog front, 2019 brought some wonderful opportunities for me. I have collaborated with many fantastic brands this year on EVIE ROSE LANE, but working with Dior was a collaboration that I will never forget. Everyone has one brand that they dream of working with, so when I got the email about their makeup campaign, it was a real pinch me moment. I tried to capture the luxurious sophistication of the designer within my content, the same sophistication that I had seen a few months prior in the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the V&A. Taking my time with the photography, styling each beauty flatlay delicately and creatively, I was really proud of the work that I had created.

Generally speaking, I've invested time and attention into improving my photography and highlighting sophistication within the style of my content. I want to capture the beauty of the everyday, whether that be your morning skincare cleanser or a new jewellery piece that you want to show off. Looking forward, I'm hoping to include more fashion within my content, but not fast fashion. I'm keen to show experimentation with timeless items that are made to be worn time and time again, not once for a one off.

"Everyone has one brand that they dream 

of working with, so when I got the email 

about their makeup campaign, 

it was a real pinch me moment!"

Christmas this year was the epitome of warmth and festive joy. From Christmas festivities in the office, to playing Christmas games with family, and organising fantastic Christmas giveaways that you could enter to win. It's been truly lovely. I can't wait to do it all over again next year! One last thing to mention are my wishes for you - wishing you a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2020.

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Sunday, 17 November 2019

How I Beat Gym De-motivation

beat gym de-motivation

activewear outfits for womenmyprotein curve leggings

Whatever your reason may be for missing out your workouts or for ghosting your exercise class, there's a number of ways that you can help yourself get back into working out and beat that gym de-motivation. Firstly, let's not go down the rabbit hole of feeling guilty for what we may have missed. Sometimes life, and even health, can get in the way. I'm a firm believer that you need to do what is best for your body at that moment in time, and you'll probably find that a little bit of rest is exactly what you need.

When I've previously had time off from the gym, I almost forget the feeling that it gives me. Even after just one session back in the weights room, I am instantly reminded of the unbeatable endorphins and the reasons why I started training in the first place. There is nothing like the feeling of pushing yourself to achieve, and actively taking part in something positive for you and your body. I always encourage others to think of the rewarding feelings post-workout, instead of the procrastination before starting one.

If you find yourself struggling to pick up the courage to walk into the gym alone, it may help you to try going to the gym with a friend, a family member, or your partner. Having the support of the other person, and also being encouraging to them in return, will help you realise that you're not alone if you're feeling self-conscious or worried. With the addition of a popular playlist, a busy gym will turn into the perfect activity for you and your new gym buddy.

Procrastination can be an absolute pain when you're trying to commit yourself to a time to get back into the gym. There's nothing like a signed and dated commitment when you're struggling to tie yourself down. Booking a group class or a session with your favourite personal trainer will make you far less likely to cancel last minute. If you cancel, you'll be letting others down as well as yourself, and if you're anything like me, that will feel awful enough to make you get going!

Lastly, my favourite tip of all. Give me any excuse to go shopping and I'll be there, it's time to update your gym wardrobe! There is such a thing as buying a new dress and feeling a surge in confidence once you put it on. Well, it works just the same for new activewear. Find something that you feel comfortable and confident in and you'll feel a lot more motivated to get your sweat on! In this post, I'm wearing figure shaping leggings that were kindly gifted from the new MyProtein Curve collection. A comfortable and stylish pair of gym leggings can be hard to find (especially if you're on a budget), but at £32 these are ideal. While available in four different colours, I chose the very on-trend sesame style. In a seamless design, the leggings optimise comfort and flatter the natural curve of your body. The thicker branded waistline is elasticated and super soft, providing a clever illusion of a smaller mid-section while covering the belly button for a high rise fit. With subtle two-tone shaping patterns that have been specifically placed, you can say hello to that bottom you've always wanted!

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womens gym leggings

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Sunday, 3 November 2019

A Full Face of Makeup | The Subtle Smokey Eye

smokey eye makeupsubtle smokey eye
full face subtle makeup
charlotte tilbury lipstick the duchess

As a brunette myself, smokey eye makeup is always marketed towards me, but it has resulted in far more makeup disasters than I would have ever expected. I've always been a fan of the idea, but whenever I have attempted it previously, it resulted in more of an undesirable bewitched look. I have found that the darkness of a typical smokey eye can be harsh against my dark features so I've been on the hunt for a eyeshadow look that works for me. Finally, after a little experimentation and getting to know what compliments my facial features, I've mastered the perfect subtle smokey eye makeup.

Today, I'm taking it back to the old school days of beauty blogging. The days where you'd experiment with a new makeup style in your bedroom, then quickly snap pictures to share a review online. So here we are! 

Beginning with a flawless base, I used the Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer with the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation in my shade 1,5N. Due to the light formula of this foundation, it's very easily blended in with just a beauty blender sponge. I find this one of the most comfortable foundations to wear. It's weightless and completely non-sticky, without compromising on a fantastic coverage. I added the E.L.F 16hr Camo Concealer to conceal any areas of redness or blemishes. This concealer is of a fairly thick consistency, therefore it works well to mask uneven pigments. However, it does dry a little darker than when you originally apply the product. With this in mind, I use a separate concealer to conceal under my eyes. I religiously use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on an everyday basis. In fact, it's been one of the only products that I have re-bought and re-bought over the years - I remember using it when I first started testing out makeup as a curious 14 year old. Here I have used the fair shade, deliberately on the lighter side of my usual shade match, to brighten up my under eyes for a more alert look. It's my favourite way to wave goodbye to those pesky dark circles!

For an extra glow, I applied a small amount of Dior Backstage Face & Body Glow to my upper cheekbones, along the bridge and the tip of my nose, onto my chin and cupid's bow. On top of this, I swept a light dust of golden highlighting powder to enhance the look of my skin and aid the contour of my face. I then added further definition by applying the all time favourite, the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I contoured with this product using an angled brush for an easier application. With this product, I added shade to the sides of my nose, beneath my chin and under my cheekbones for a structured yet subtle look.

For my brows, I'm enjoying the natural look currently. Since I have grown them out, I tend to just brush them in an upwards motion with a simple spoolie brush. Grooming the hairs upwards flatters the facial features, almost like a natural face lift if ever there was one. 

One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes of all time is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. If I were an eyeshadow palette, I think this would be it. With subtle golds, mauves and gorgeous browns, all of the shades flatter my dark tones perfectly. To create my smokey eye look, I initially covered my eyelid with the shimmering brown shade, Mugshot. With a flatter eyeshadow brush, I then gently applied the well pigmented gold shade, Buzz, under my lower lash line, flicking it outwards at the outer corner of my eye. Using my little finger, I tapped a small amount of the light cream shade, Strange, to the inner corner of my eyes. This softens the smokey eye, giving a brighter effect and complimenting the whites of your eyes, instead of dulling them out. I deliberately kept the eyeliner fairly minimal with this look, using a simple elongated winged line to add definition to my upper eye lid. To do this, I used the incredibly easy to apply Mary Kay Liquid Eyeliner Pen. Finally, to complete my eye makeup, I curled my lashes and carefully applied two coats of the Benefit They're Real Lengthening Mascara.

Complimenting the smokiness of my eye makeup, I decided to go with a blossom pink shade for my lips and blusher. Using a blusher brush, I gently dabbed the blusher upon the apples of my cheeks. To prepare the lips for my lipstick, I initially line them using the Mary Kay lip liner in the shade Coral. Lining the lips prior to lipstick not only defines the shape of your lips, it also prevents your lipstick from smudging. Additionally, it acts as a great base colour to enhance the final product's pigment. I often gravitate towards subtle nude lipstick shades but every now and again, I like to switch it up with a bolder choice. Accompanying my smokey eyeshadow today is the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in shade The Duchess - an elegant favourite! This burst of colour lifts the look as a whole, converting it from a smokey eye attempt to glamorous photo-ready makeup.

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Thursday, 31 October 2019

The Winter Coat I'm Loving This A/W19

teddy bear coat

teddy bear jacket

casual outfits

 My number one priority at the moment is keeping warm whilst out and about in the cold temperatures with numerous layers. That being said, I don't want to sacrifice on style either, and that's where my new teddy bear coat comes in.

It's the coat that everyone has been loving! I realise I'm perhaps slightly late to jump on the bandwagon, but this is a trend that I have been considering for a while. Teddy bear coats are one of the easiest coats to throw on when you're rushing out of the door, knowing that you will still look well 'put-together' and not feel a chill either. As I'm not much of a skirt wearer currently (especially during this season), I have opted for an all black outfit to contrast with my cream coloured coat. It's simple but chic, and perfect for an every day casual look. To jazz up the outfit, I've accessorised by adding a baker boy hat to accompany my coat. Despite moaning about the cold and darker evenings 99% of the time, I do adore bringing out my big warm coats and stylish hat collection when the time comes around. Winter fashion - it's a YES from me!

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Teddy Coat

Baker Boy Hat (similar)

Black Skinny Jeans 

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Friday, 25 October 2019

Dealing with Darker Evenings and Darker Mornings

darker evenings and mornings tips

dealing with darker evenings

It's that time of year where we find ourselves waking up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark. It's definitely not my favourite thing about the Autumn and Winter seasons, but there are ways that we can help ourselves deal with the darker mornings and nights.

Make your home cosy and well-lit

I adore lighting up the home with pretty tea-lights and scented candles in the darker months. By adding more light to your living space, you'll feel instantly more comfortable when you walk through the door and feel happy to be inside during the darker nights. Another way to add light to your apartment is to add affordable battery powered fairy lights to give your space an extra sparkle. As I have many vases in the apartment, if I do not have flowers arranged inside them, I will pop a tangled collection of dainty fairy lights inside for a whimsical effect.

Fluffy blankets are also a great idea during the colder months, they may be piled neatly in the corner all summer, but now is when you will get your use!

Become a morning person

The day feels so much more productive and fulfilling when you get up early and begin ticking tasks off of your to-do list. Although it's tough at first, you will soon train your body clock into a comfortable routine. If you find getting up in the dark extra tough, you may find a light clock a worthwhile purchase. The device gradually wakes you up by using light, instead of a sound alarm.

become a morning person

Keep up with exercise and look out for your wellbeing

You may be feeling more demotivated to get going than you did in summer, but if you can push through, the endorphins will be the kickstart that you need. Exercise not only has physical benefits but it is incredibly good for the mind. You will feel more satisfied and tired by the end of the day, leading you to getting a healthier nights sleep.

It's all too easy to slip off the bandwagon with your diet at this time of year - especially as festive treats have already begun hitting the shelves! Try to stay on track with your diet 80% of the time. You will feel less lethargic and more energised as a result.

Use light boxes at work

If you're like me and find yourself at a desk for the majority of your week, you may find a light box particularly helpful at this time of year. Bright light has been proven to put you in a better mood and leave you feeling more energised. Boxes such as these are a convenient way of introducing bright light therapy into your day during darker days.

Add Vitamin D supplements into your daily routine

When our bodies are exposed to sunlight, we produce levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D has a range of benefits, but one of the key benefits is that it helps boost our moods. Individuals with lower levels of Vitamin D may find themselves more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. As the activity of the sun is lowered through the colder months, Vitamin D supplements will help make up for the loss of naturally made Vitamin D. You can buy these cheaply from local supermarkets or health stores.

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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Best Beauty Advent Calendars For Christmas 2019

As the most magical time of year fast approaches, I thought I'd combine my love of beauty and Christmas advent to bring to you, the best beauty advent calendars on the market for Christmas 2019. I'll warn you now, you may want to take each of them home with you, but hopefully this will give you a quick overview of what the beauty world has to offer this year on our countdown to Christmas. From the product selection, to design, to unique details, I'll outline all that you need to know to pick your perfect advent calendar this Christmas. After all, if you can't treat yourself at Christmas, when can you?

For the beauty enthusiast - John Lewis & Partners - £150 (worth £255)

John Lewis
john lewis beauty christmas advent calendar 2019
John Lewis

"A delightful gift for beauty enthusiasts or to treat yourself, our collection of 25 full and deluxe size products is brimming with radiant skincare heroes, makeup must-haves and beautifully scented fragrance favourites." 

I'm all for going big at Christmas, and this calendar does just that with 25 luxury treats behind its doors. The product list contains some big brand names such as Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy, which are most certainly a special treat for the price. Included in the mix are a few of my own tried and tested hero products: NARS Bronzing PowderNeom Organics London Scented CandleThis Works Pillow Spray; and the iconic Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Cream. Overall, you can sense the thought that has gone into this product by the John Lewis & Partners buying team. There's absolutely no controversial shades, all are completely wearable for a everyday look. The curation of the range is very complimentary, and the box design is beautifully detailed. In a pretty design and strong structure, you could most certainly use the box again. Flip the boxes the other way around and you'd have a fabulous jewellery box!

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For the skincare fanatic - L'Occitane Advent Calendar £49 (worth £79)

l'occitane advent calendar 2019
L'Occitane at John Lewis

"Take a journey through Provence with the calendars lovely illustrations, and discover the story of how our sustainability commitments have helped with the revival of the almond trees in Provence."

If you've ever tried the L'Occitane hand cream, then you'll understand my obsession. It's the hand cream I swear by, and this calendar contains not one of them, but SIX. That's very nearly one for every different day of the week! Aside from that, this calendar has been curated to make the most out of L'Occitane's luxurious and perfected product range. From shower gels, to face creams, this calendar has it all. All wrapped up in an delightful illustrated design, you get to unwrap the products along with uncovering the story of the almond tree. In the 1950’s, almond trees completely disappeared from the Provence landscape. L'Occitane tell the story, and share how the brand reintroduced almond trees to the Provence in the year 2000. Now the Provence is full of beautiful almond trees. 

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For the girl who loves to pamper - Molton Brown Advent Calendar £175 (worth £262.50)

molton brown beauty advent calendar
Molton Brown at John Lewis

"Behind these coveted doors is a clandestine celebration of our fragrance experiences. From indulgent rituals to aromatic home infusions, count down to the festivities with the perfect gift for them or a tantalising treat for you." 

- Molton Brown

Aromatic sensations! Molton Brown create shower gels that turn your washing regime into a relaxing experience rather than just a practicality. When you've come home from a cold commute, there's absolutely nothing better than a warm bath that delights your senses. I especially love their winter scents because they're so festive. As expected, the design of the box has been kept classy and sophisticated - just like the Molton Brown brand.

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Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Truth About Being A Blogger In Your Early 20s

fashion blogger style

To many we're iPhone obsessed, self obsessed, and out all night, but the reality of being in your early twenties is tough. Reality can be tough to portray online but here is some.

We're thrusted out of University into the working world, and I for one feel like I'm constantly chasing my worth. With rent, bills, and food to pay for, let's not even mention my University debt, I'm working every weekday and most weekends. It's easy to assume from Instagram that we are all living the luxe life one hundred percent of the time, but really it's all hard graft. You may mock and not take us bloggers seriously as we take our OOTD shots on street corners, but getting up to shoot, spending hours on editing and planning, responding to emails, pitching ideas, posting daily, scheduling ahead of the game, engaging with accounts, and even just organising yourself around your day job is too much for most. We work on our passions in the hope of one day living out that passion but as social media evolves into a contest of who looks best, who has the most expensive things, what's left here? Our wasted effort? Time? Or just a desire to chase our dreams?

This website is my own. It stands for me and me only, and I'm here to tell you that its not all perfection, lip fillers and good lighting, its hard work, overthinking everything and creative overload. So why do I partake in this? Because its what I love, it drives me. The creativity of curating your own story, and sharing on a mass scale has opened up many opportunities that I am so grateful for.

So please have some respect for the overtime that we are putting in each week on doing what we love, and doing it for ourselves. I'm not here to get as many ads as I can, I'm here to enjoy what I'm doing and share through my little space on the Internet.

Reality can be written, you just have to be willing to write it.

To those who have always shown nothing but support and continue to tune in with my accounts, you're all darlings & thank you so much.

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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Product Review: Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick in Shade '999'

rouge dior ultra care lipstick shade 999

Shopping for lipsticks can be tricky, especially when we're faced with so many different shades, finishes, and brands. I especially find shopping for red lipsticks even more difficult since they're a bolder choice of makeup. However, I recently discovered the Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick in shade '999' and all my red lipstick prayers were answered! 

This lipstick epitomises fierce elegance. For me, it defines the 21st century woman. In terms of pigment, shade '999' is an iconic deep, powerful red. It's bright, but it's passionate. It's very London in the sense that it reminds me of a telephone box red, and I completely love it.

rouge dior ultra care red lipstick shade 999  

"Brave, bold, and romantic. It epitomises fierce elegance."

In a satin finish, '999' has a slight lustre which is incredibly flattering and uplifting on the lips.  The formula contains naturally hydrating ingredients, such as moisturising beeswax, and you definitely feel this upon application. The added lip care makes the formula far more comfortable to wear than other red lipsticks on the market. It does not dry the lips out at all, and is soft and non-sticky. Despite its moisturising properties, '999' is long-lasting and therefore perfect for any work meeting, afterwork drinks, date night, or night out with the girls.

Dior claims this lipstick suits all skin colours, and I agree! When you apply this lipstick, it makes you feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on the day.

Overall, I would give '999' a rating of 9.5 out of 10. My reason for knocking off half a point is purely based on wearability. I personally wouldn't be wearing red lipstick every single day, but it is the perfect red that I will always reach for when I'm looking for a bolder lipstick choice.

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Rouge Dior Ultra Care '999' Lipstick 

rouge dior ultra care lipstick shade 999

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Saturday, 21 September 2019

5 Ways to Attract Good Energy

attract good energy

Attracting good energy usually ties hand in hand with the type of energy that you give out to world - perhaps changing your own way of thinking is the starting point. The list may be endless, but I've kept this short and sweet with my top five best methods for attracting good energy.

Find acceptance and love from within
I'm a believer that negative thoughts only breed negativity. Often if you're feeling completely uncomfortable with yourself, perhaps embarrassed and scrutinising your every action, you'll find this being transferred into the light that you give out to other people. This being said, of course, you cannot switch these feelings off in a matter of minutes, days, or even weeks. Self acceptance is a journey. Some days will be better than others, but each is a step forward. Self acceptance is a detailed topic and one that I simply cannot cover in one paragraph.
In brief: please allow yourself time to heal; praise and compliment yourself; when others compliment you, say thank you; and be proud of the person that you have become or are moving towards being.

Drift away from negative influences or cut them out entirely
This is so important. I cannot express enough how much negative influences or circumstances can have a damaging effect on your thoughts and behaviours. Whether, its negative people, negative environments or negative situations, it's perfectly okay to responsibly leave them behind if they are no longer making you happy. Personally, I don't always deal with stress well, and this was something that I have found very difficult in the past. I've been hurt, a lot. However, finding the strength to move on from that hurt is the most empowering and wonderful thing that you can do for yourself. You don't need to feel anger or revengeful, you simply need to accept that circumstances are no longer serving you. Therefore, leading you to moving on and focusing on putting yourself first.

Do things that make you feel good
When speaking about their passions, people light up. Finding hobbies or things that you love doing can not only make you feel good, but it can allow you to share that joy with likeminded individuals and meet new friends.

Do things to help others
Have you ever given someone a really special gift and felt that magical feeling of giving? It's a nice feeling, right? Well, it doesn't always have to wait until Christmas or birthdays - it doesn't even need to be a gift. Be kind to others. Hold doors open for them. Give up your seat on the bus. In a world of mobile phones and social media, we often don't take enough time to just look up and smile. So make it your mission to do at least one kind thing a day for someone. You may just make somebody else's day!

Have gratitude
At the end of every day, make a note of five things that you are grateful for that day. This will allow your mind to get into the habit of thinking more gratefully and positively. Pay attention to the little things as well as the big things. It could be something as small as the feeling of hot, bright sunshine on your skin or the beautiful blossoming tree that you pass on your way to work. Have gratitude for the things around you and the world will become a much happier place.

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Saturday, 14 September 2019

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

bouquet of flowers

If you’re passionate about flower arranging like me then you’ll understand the frustration of creating a beautiful and time consuming arrangement for it not to last more than a few days. I’ve collected the best tips to ensure that you give your cut flowers the best chance of staying fresher for longer. You’ll be pleased to know that none of these tips take much time and have a very, very low difficulty rating!

Let’s begin with preparation. Preparing your flowers for arranging is something that many people overlook to begin with. Once cut, it is important to avoid your flowers losing too much water. As soon as I get inside, whether the flowers have been cut or purchased, I ensure that I trim the stems very slightly at a diagonal angle. Cutting the stems diagonally increases the flower’s ability to drink water, making them hydrate quicker. Don’t take too much off here as it may cause a dilemma later on when you trim your stems to fit your vase! Remember, you can’t go back if you cut the stems too short.

It is recommended that you keep the flowers in a cool environment when storing so that they don’t lose too much water. If you grow your own flowers, you could try cutting your flowers at a cooler time of day, such as early morning or lighter evenings. This will give your flowers the best chance of holding water as they won't have dried out in the daytime sun.

To prepare your flowers for the vase, remove any leaves that will appear below the waterline. If left, wet leaves will start to rot and cause bacteria to grow within the vase. Any bacteria in your vase will cause your flowers to wilt or rot. Therefore, it's very important to keep your containers clean. Make sure that your vase is kept clean and water is replaced every other day to keep your cut flowers fresher for longer.

Prior to arranging, be sure to fill your vase with two thirds of water. You can also mix in a sachet of flower food. Flower food is essentially a formula created to prevent bacteria from growing in your vase. 
Typically, you’d expect to find a little pouch of flower food with your flowers if you purchased them. However, with cut flowers you may wish to make your own. As with most things, there are plenty of homemade remedies and recipes for “flower food” that you can try at home, but to keep things easy I’ll begin with just this one: add 1 tablespoon sugar + 1/2 teaspoon bleach and mix it into the vase water.

flower arrangement

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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Exercise Fashion DOs & DON'Ts in the Gym

gym outfit

It's one thing getting yourself to the gym, but feeling confident inside the gym is something that comes with time (and maybe a killer gym outfit). When we dress in outfits that make us feel good about ourselves, we feel instantly lifted, often feeling more powerful and capable. It's no different with activewear.

I've gone through my fair share of gym leggings and sports bras to be able to advise what is worthwhile and what should be avoided. I have listed my top points to remember when shopping for new gym outfits below:

Always do a squat test
The most important point in this list - always, always do a squat test! What I mean by that is check, check, and triple check that your leggings are not see-through by bending over in front of a mirror. It is such a common problem and every girl's nightmare! Activewear materials can often thin and wear over time, so it's worth checking after washes too.

High waisted leggings are the most flattering
Comfortable and super flattering around the waist, high waisted fits are a personal favourite of mine - especially if I want to cover my lower belly!

Wear colours that you feel confident in
I'm all for expressing your individuality. Gone are the days when we only had black or navy gym clothes to choose from. There are so many gorgeous colours and prints available to us now, we may as well have fun with it! The gym is typically a male dominant environment and it can be daunting, but there is absolutely no reason why us girls can't wear what we want or train for ourselves in that environment too. Feel your best and train your best!

Get the support you need
Look for sports bras that have the necessary support for you. Bras typically range from unpadded to heavily padded, and everything in between. Be sure to consider this when shopping because your comfort should always be a priority.

Invest in quality, but stay reasonable
Personally, I avoid cheaper leggings because they're likely to either be see-through, wear easily, or tear during intense workouts. That being said, I don't believe that you need to purchase the most expensive option to have a high performing activewear outfit either. I often opt for leggings between the £30-40 mark.

A popular choice is seamless
Seamless has been very on trend this year in the activewear world. Flattering and comfortable, seamless designs can offer the practicality required from activewear without restricting or uncomfortable seams.

Avoid complicated designs
For sports bras, I always find that the less straps, the better. There is nothing worse than trying to peel off a multi-strap sports bra when your body is warm and sweaty. Complicated back strap designs often get twisted, and no activewear needs to be that complex!

Look for dry technology and stretching fabrics
An important practicality and design tip is to check the labels and descriptions of products. I always look out for the words "dry technology" because I know that the product should be absorbant and reduce showing any signs of sweat. Looking for mentions of how a fabric stretches also indicates its opaqueness, and its ability to stretch with you during workouts. No rips during the splits, please!

womens activewear

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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Tips for Creating a Positive Atmosphere at Home

positive atmosphere at home

It seems strange to think of the possibility that our moods can be affected by our home atmosphere, but they most certainly are. Think about it. If your home is dim, cluttered and uninviting, naturally you're demotivated by the setting. In this circumstance, it will often leave you feeling in down or negative moods.

Creating a space at home that is positive, clean, and comfortable is so important to me. I'll be the first person to admit, I'm not always the most social of people. I'm more than happy with a night in at home as opposed to a night out on the town. That's why I have invested time and thought into home behavioural and style choices. I've always wanted to make our home a happy and loving environment that we can come home to after a long working day. If you have a similar wish, I've put together a few tips to help add a positive atmosphere to your home:

De-clutter your home
The expression "tidy house, tidy mind" comes to mind here, and it is most definitely true. I feel so much clearer after a good old sort out. Whether its clothes, books, or dvds, the Marie Kondo method is generally fabulous - if it doesn't spark joy when you hold it, it is time to part ways. Getting rid of items doesn't need to be a sad experience, it should be a time of clarity and looking forward to the future.

Satisfy your senses with homely aromas
A home should satisfy your senses. However, an important one that commonly gets overlooked is smell. Whether its delicate or strong smells that delight your senses, compliment your home with mood-boosting aromas. My favourite way to do this is to light my favourite candles or purchase a new fragrant diffuser. Other ways include burning incense sticks or purchasing potpourri. Popular scents include Lavender for relaxation or other floral fragrances for a sense of freshness.

home decor

Add happiness with colour
I'll admit it. With regards to homewares, I'm so in favour of modern whites and gorgeous greys that I am totally predictable. However, I do enjoy spicing up my home with a pop of bright colour in the form of a floral arrangement or two. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that flower arranging is a hobby I have recently picked up, and I'm seriously enjoying it. From a young girl, I have always admired the imperfect perfection of flowers and how they naturally carry so much life and joy. That's why I adore having them in my home, especially if I'm having a rough time. It's a delight to be reminded of happiness, nature and life.

Invest in air purifying and decorative house plants
On the subject of floral appreciation, another realm of natural beauty that I am adoring is being the owner of house plants. Much like arrangements, they bring life and nature to a space - which is especially wonderful if you're renting and not allowed pets. Difficulty of house plants can vary by variety, but generally, most are pretty straight forward to look after. My collection isn't huge currently, because:
a) We do not have much space in our apartment
b) My track record isn't great up until now
Although, I am determined to make a go of it and be a proper 'house plant mum' this time. So far my two orchids are doing great. Next, I'd absolutely love to add the ever so Instagram famous "swiss cheese plant" or as it is technically termed, the Monstera Deliciosa. Not only do house plants provoke an innate appreciation in us, but they also re-oxygenate the air, giving you a breath of fresh air after a long day.

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