Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Truth About Being in A Blogger In Your Early 20s

fashion blogger style

To many we're iPhone obsessed, self obsessed, and out all night, but the reality of being in your early twenties is tough. Reality can be tough to portray online but here is some.

We're thrusted out of University into the working world, and I for one feel like I'm constantly chasing my worth. With rent, bills, and food to pay for, let's not even mention my University debt, I'm working every weekday and most weekends. It's easy to assume from Instagram that we are all living the luxe life one hundred percent of the time, but really it's all hard graft. You may mock and not take us bloggers seriously as we take our OOTD shots on street corners, but getting up to shoot, spending hours on editing and planning, responding to emails, pitching ideas, posting daily, scheduling ahead of the game, engaging with accounts, and even just organising yourself around your day job is too much for most. We work on our passions in the hope of one day living out that passion but as social media evolves into a contest of who looks best, who has the most expensive things, what's left here? Our wasted effort? Time? Or just a desire to chase our dreams?

This website is my own. It stands for me and me only, and I'm here to tell you that its not all perfection, lip fillers and good lighting, its hard work, overthinking everything and creative overload. So why do I partake in this? Because its what I love, it drives me. The creativity of curating your own story, and sharing on a mass scale has opened up many opportunities that I am so grateful for.

So please have some respect for the overtime that we are putting in each week on doing what we love, and doing it for ourselves. I'm not here to get as many ads as I can, I'm here to enjoy what I'm doing and share through my little space on the Internet.

Reality can be written, you just have to be willing to write it.

To those who have always shown nothing but support and continue to tune in with my accounts, you're all darlings & thank you so much.

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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Product Review: Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick in Shade '999'

rouge dior ultra care lipstick shade 999

Shopping for lipsticks can be tricky, especially when we're faced with so many different shades, finishes, and brands. I especially find shopping for red lipsticks even more difficult since they're a bolder choice of makeup. However, I recently discovered the Rouge Dior Ultra Care Lipstick in shade '999' and all my red lipstick prayers were answered! 

This lipstick epitomises fierce elegance. For me, it defines the 21st century woman. In terms of pigment, shade '999' is an iconic deep, powerful red. It's bright, but it's passionate. It's very London in the sense that it reminds me of a telephone box red, and I completely love it.

rouge dior ultra care red lipstick shade 999  

"Brave, bold, and romantic. It epitomises fierce elegance."

In a satin finish, '999' has a slight lustre which is incredibly flattering and uplifting on the lips.  The formula contains naturally hydrating ingredients, such as moisturising beeswax, and you definitely feel this upon application. The added lip care makes the formula far more comfortable to wear than other red lipsticks on the market. It does not dry the lips out at all, and is soft and non-sticky. Despite its moisturising properties, '999' is long-lasting and therefore perfect for any work meeting, afterwork drinks, date night, or night out with the girls.

Dior claims this lipstick suits all skin colours, and I agree! When you apply this lipstick, it makes you feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on the day.

Overall, I would give '999' a rating of 9.5 out of 10. My reason for knocking off half a point is purely based on wearability. I personally wouldn't be wearing red lipstick every single day, but it is the perfect red that I will always reach for when I'm looking for a bolder lipstick choice.

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rouge dior ultra care lipstick shade 999

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Saturday, 21 September 2019

5 ways to attract good energy

attract good energy

Attracting good energy usually ties hand in hand with the type of energy that you give out to world - perhaps changing your own way of thinking is the starting point. The list may be endless, but I've kept this short and sweet with my top five best methods for attracting good energy.

Find acceptance and love from within
I'm a believer that negative thoughts only breed negativity. Often if you're feeling completely uncomfortable with yourself, perhaps embarrassed and scrutinising your every action, you'll find this being transferred into the light that you give out to other people. This being said, of course, you cannot switch these feelings off in a matter of minutes, days, or even weeks. Self acceptance is a journey. Some days will be better than others, but each is a step forward. Self acceptance is a detailed topic and one that I simply cannot cover in one paragraph.
In brief: please allow yourself time to heal; praise and compliment yourself; when others compliment you, say thank you; and be proud of the person that you have become or are moving towards being.

Drift away from negative influences or cut them out entirely
This is so important. I cannot express enough how much negative influences or circumstances can have a damaging effect on your thoughts and behaviours. Whether, its negative people, negative environments or negative situations, it's perfectly okay to responsibly leave them behind if they are no longer making you happy. Personally, I don't always deal with stress well, and this was something that I have found very difficult in the past. I've been hurt, a lot. However, finding the strength to move on from that hurt is the most empowering and wonderful thing that you can do for yourself. You don't need to feel anger or revengeful, you simply need to accept that circumstances are no longer serving you. Therefore, leading you to moving on and focusing on putting yourself first.

Do things that make you feel good
When speaking about their passions, people light up. Finding hobbies or things that you love doing can not only make you feel good, but it can allow you to share that joy with likeminded individuals and meet new friends.

Do things to help others
Have you ever given someone a really special gift and felt that magical feeling of giving? It's a nice feeling, right? Well, it doesn't always have to wait until Christmas or birthdays - it doesn't even need to be a gift. Be kind to others. Hold doors open for them. Give up your seat on the bus. In a world of mobile phones and social media, we often don't take enough time to just look up and smile. So make it your mission to do at least one kind thing a day for someone. You may just make somebody else's day!

Have gratitude
At the end of every day, make a note of five things that you are grateful for that day. This will allow your mind to get into the habit of thinking more gratefully and positively. Pay attention to the little things as well as the big things. It could be something as small as the feeling of hot, bright sunshine on your skin or the beautiful blossoming tree that you pass on your way to work. Have gratitude for the things around you and the world will become a much happier place.

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Saturday, 14 September 2019

How to keep cut flowers fresh

bouquet of flowers

If you’re passionate about flower arranging like me then you’ll understand the frustration of creating a beautiful and time consuming arrangement for it not to last more than a few days. I’ve collected the best tips to ensure that you give your cut flowers the best chance of staying fresher for longer. You’ll be pleased to know that none of these tips take much time and have a very, very low difficulty rating!

Let’s begin with preparation. Preparing your flowers for arranging is something that many people overlook to begin with. Once cut, it is important to avoid your flowers losing too much water. As soon as I get inside, whether the flowers have been cut or purchased, I ensure that I trim the stems very slightly at a diagonal angle. Cutting the stems diagonally increases the flower’s ability to drink water, making them hydrate quicker. Don’t take too much off here as it may cause a dilemma later on when you trim your stems to fit your vase! Remember, you can’t go back if you cut the stems too short.

It is recommended that you keep the flowers in a cool environment when storing so that they don’t lose too much water. If you grow your own flowers, you could try cutting your flowers at a cooler time of day, such as early morning or lighter evenings. This will give your flowers the best chance of holding water as they won't have dried out in the daytime sun.

To prepare your flowers for the vase, remove any leaves that will appear below the waterline. If left, wet leaves will start to rot and cause bacteria to grow within the vase. Any bacteria in your vase will cause your flowers to wilt or rot. Therefore, it's very important to keep your containers clean. Make sure that your vase is kept clean and water is replaced every other day to keep your cut flowers fresher for longer.

Prior to arranging, be sure to fill your vase with two thirds of water. You can also mix in a sachet of flower food. Flower food is essentially a formula created to prevent bacteria from growing in your vase. 
Typically, you’d expect to find a little pouch of flower food with your flowers if you purchased them. However, with cut flowers you may wish to make your own. As with most things, there are plenty of homemade remedies and recipes for “flower food” that you can try at home, but to keep things easy I’ll begin with just this one: add 1 tablespoon sugar + 1/2 teaspoon bleach and mix it into the vase water.

flower arrangement

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Saturday, 7 September 2019

What to wear to the gym - exercise fashion DOs and DON'Ts

gym outfit

It's one thing getting yourself to the gym, but feeling confident inside the gym is something that comes with time (and maybe a killer gym outfit). When we dress in outfits that make us feel good about ourselves, we feel instantly lifted, often feeling more powerful and capable. It's no different with activewear.

I've gone through my fair share of gym leggings and sports bras to be able to advise what is worthwhile and what should be avoided. I have listed my top points to remember when shopping for new gym outfits below:

Always do a squat test
The most important point in this list - always, always do a squat test! What I mean by that is check, check, and triple check that your leggings are not see-through by bending over in front of a mirror. It is such a common problem and every girl's nightmare! Activewear materials can often thin and wear over time, so it's worth checking after washes too.

High waisted leggings are the most flattering
Comfortable and super flattering around the waist, high waisted fits are a personal favourite of mine - especially if I want to cover my lower belly!

Wear colours that you feel confident in
I'm all for expressing your individuality. Gone are the days when we only had black or navy gym clothes to choose from. There are so many gorgeous colours and prints available to us now, we may as well have fun with it! The gym is typically a male dominant environment and it can be daunting, but there is absolutely no reason why us girls can't wear what we want or train for ourselves in that environment too. Feel your best and train your best!

Get the support you need
Look for sports bras that have the necessary support for you. Bras typically range from unpadded to heavily padded, and everything in between. Be sure to consider this when shopping because your comfort should always be a priority.

Invest in quality, but stay reasonable
Personally, I avoid cheaper leggings because they're likely to either be see-through, wear easily, or tear during intense workouts. That being said, I don't believe that you need to purchase the most expensive option to have a high performing activewear outfit either. I often opt for leggings between the £30-40 mark.

A popular choice is seamless
Seamless has been very on trend this year in the activewear world. Flattering and comfortable, seamless designs can offer the practicality required from activewear without restricting or uncomfortable seams.

Avoid complicated designs
For sports bras, I always find that the less straps, the better. There is nothing worse than trying to peel off a multi-strap sports bra when your body is warm and sweaty. Complicated back strap designs often get twisted, and no activewear needs to be that complex!

Look for dry technology and stretching fabrics
An important practicality and design tip is to check the labels and descriptions of products. I always look out for the words "dry technology" because I know that the product should be absorbant and reduce showing any signs of sweat. Looking for mentions of how a fabric stretches also indicates its opaqueness, and its ability to stretch with you during workouts. No rips during the splits, please!

womens activewear

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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Tips for creating a positive atmosphere at home

positive atmosphere at home

It seems strange to think of the possibility that our moods can be affected by our home atmosphere, but they most certainly are. Think about it. If your home is dim, cluttered and uninviting, naturally you're demotivated by the setting. In this circumstance, it will often leave you feeling in down or negative moods.

Creating a space at home that is positive, clean, and comfortable is so important to me. I'll be the first person to admit, I'm not always the most social of people. I'm more than happy with a night in at home as opposed to a night out on the town. That's why I have invested time and thought into home behavioural and style choices. I've always wanted to make our home a happy and loving environment that we can come home to after a long working day. If you have a similar wish, I've put together a few tips to help add a positive atmosphere to your home:

De-clutter your home
The expression "tidy house, tidy mind" comes to mind here, and it is most definitely true. I feel so much clearer after a good old sort out. Whether its clothes, books, or dvds, the Marie Kondo method is generally fabulous - if it doesn't spark joy when you hold it, it is time to part ways. Getting rid of items doesn't need to be a sad experience, it should be a time of clarity and looking forward to the future.

Satisfy your senses with homely aromas
A home should satisfy your senses. However, an important one that commonly gets overlooked is smell. Whether its delicate or strong smells that delight your senses, compliment your home with mood-boosting aromas. My favourite way to do this is to light my favourite candles or purchase a new fragrant diffuser. Other ways include burning incense sticks or purchasing potpourri. Popular scents include Lavender for relaxation or other floral fragrances for a sense of freshness.

home decor

Add happiness with colour
I'll admit it. With regards to homewares, I'm so in favour of modern whites and gorgeous greys that I am totally predictable. However, I do enjoy spicing up my home with a pop of bright colour in the form of a floral arrangement or two. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that flower arranging is a hobby I have recently picked up, and I'm seriously enjoying it. From a young girl, I have always admired the imperfect perfection of flowers and how they naturally carry so much life and joy. That's why I adore having them in my home, especially if I'm having a rough time. It's a delight to be reminded of happiness, nature and life.

Invest in air purifying and decorative house plants
On the subject of floral appreciation, another realm of natural beauty that I am adoring is being the owner of house plants. Much like arrangements, they bring life and nature to a space - which is especially wonderful if you're renting and not allowed pets. Difficulty of house plants can vary by variety, but generally, most are pretty straight forward to look after. My collection isn't huge currently, because:
a) We do not have much space in our apartment
b) My track record isn't great up until now
Although, I am determined to make a go of it and be a proper 'house plant mum' this time. So far my two orchids are doing great. Next, I'd absolutely love to add the ever so Instagram famous "swiss cheese plant" or as it is technically termed, the Monstera Deliciosa. Not only do house plants provoke an innate appreciation in us, but they also re-oxygenate the air, giving you a breath of fresh air after a long day.

home comforts
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Sunday, 25 August 2019

What clothes to wear on a beach holiday

Are you stuck whilst packing for your next holiday, or perhaps you're putting together a shopping list for your next trip to the beach? In order to help your packing this season, I've put together a selection of my top three summer beach holiday essentials.

A comfortable and flattering bikini is key. Whether it's a high waist style, a standard pant, or even a thong, just ensure that you are feeling comfortable and confident whilst wearing it. There are so many different styles, patterns and prints on the market these days that it almost makes it impossible to choose!

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There is nothing worse than feeling hot, sticky, sandy and uncomfortable on a beach holiday. So ensure you've got yourself covered with a light and airy summer day dress. I found that cotton materials were the best way to go to prevent clothes feeling heavy, sticky and non-absorbant. I packed two floral dresses on our last trip because I couldn't decide which one I loved more, and I'm definitely glad I packed both!

This may seem like such a small item to include in your case, but trust me - it will become your favourite. The headband was such an essential for me on our trip to Cape Verde. I feel my best when I have my hair down, but the heat and the wind made it impossible to stop my long thick hair sticking to my face. Not only is the headband a cute accessory to add to any outfit (and totally on trend this season) it also becomes your most essential and the best way to keep your hair out of your face!

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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Things gym beginners should avoid

womens fitness

So you're new to the gym and you're not quite sure what to expect or perhaps you're a little nervous? Don't worry, those feelings are perfectly normal and once you get into the swing of things, you'll soon be at ease and working out confidently. 

I've been training consistently in weight training for around three years now. It has become an activity that allows me to push myself out of my comfort zone, work on myself for myself, and also keeps me sane in the most stressful of times. Like many, I didn't begin my gym journey confidently. I initially found the thought of going to the gym so intimidating. All through my childhood and teenage years, I passionately hated exercise - PE lessons and sports days were my unconfident teenage self's nightmare. If anything, I've proven to myself and to those around me that once you find a form of exercise that you like, you can keep at it and enjoy the process of improvement too.

You may want some reassurance before you sign up so I've put together a list of things that gym beginners should avoid at all costs. 

gym activewear 
Don't be put off by delayed onset muscle soreness
It's perfectly normal and expected. Ensure you stretch after training, get enough protein in your diet to aid muscle recovery, and most importantly, don't let it stop you. It's only temporary!

Stretching is important
You may think of it as the boring part of working out, but try treating it like a mindfulness practice. You'll quickly learn how much it helps your mind AND body. 

Do not restrict your calories, but don't binge either
Make sure you're fuelling yourself enough to conduct your workouts and build muscle mass. If you're ensure, ask a qualified member of staff at your gym for a meal or nutrition plan.

Don't pressure yourself
You're doing great - praise yourself and keep going!

Don't overdo it!
I gradually built up my workouts because I knew overloading myself was only going to exhaust me and leave me demotivated. When I first started training, I trained twice a week. I now train between 3-4 times a week, and I find it works well amongst my routine. However, everyone is different. I wouldn't suggest training more than 3 sessions per week at first because your body needs to adjust to the lifestyle change. 

Do not feel too shy to ask for help
It may surprise you, but fitness enthusiasts are actually some of the nicest people I have come across. I believe it to be because everybody started somewhere, and they're continuously working hard on their own journey. As I mentioned above, all gyms will have qualified staff more than willing to help and advise you where needed. Don't be afraid to ask.

Don't mis-use machines
This can be dangerous and greatly increase your risk of injury. If you're ensure, ask someone to show you how to use the machine or ask a member of staff for a guide of the gym's machines.

Avoid signing without reading the T&Cs
If for whatever reason, you may need to change or cancel your membership later on, be sure to check that you can get out easily and that there is not a fee for ending your contract early. I know this has been an issue for students in the past, so ensure you're happy with the terms and conditions prior to signing up.

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Sunday, 28 July 2019

How to wear the high waisted black bikini

It's been a Love Island favourite this year, and it's definitely been a favourite of mine this year. A sleek black bikini like this one has everything you need - a flattering cut, a high waist, and cute detailing. I mixed and matched this set, opting to go for a shirred top with ribbed bottoms. Thankfully, it still worked well. That's another fabulous thing about black bikinis, you can mix and match with almost everything! Click the links below to shop this bikini for yourself (hibiscus flower sadly not included).

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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

How to get the natural makeup look

What makeup do I need for a natural look?

Truthfully, none at all.

I recently set live a new hashtag that I am using to encourage other women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, #ComplexionAffectionWithEvie. From an early age, women are taught that wearing makeup makes them more beautiful, but this belief is not only false, it is also highlighting "insecurities" that should not exist. I've been sharing my no makeup selfies with the hashtag #ComplexionAffectionWithEvie to prove to others that natural beauty isn't from the inside of a bottle. It's been with you all along.

I never once thought that I would share my natural bare face on the Internet in such high quality, but here we are breaking through those societal expectations and inner inhibitions! Redness, freckles, scars, pores, hairs, dark circles, uneven pigments - yes, all feature on this makeup free face and they also feature on rest of the world's population too.

As much as I adore makeup and trying out the latest products, I cannot deny the feeling of freedom in just letting your skin breathe for a while and feeling like you have nothing to hide or cover up. Especially in the recent heatwave that we have been having here in the UK, going makeup free over the last few days has been blissful to say the least!
Give it a go for yourself. Share your no makeup selfie, tagging the hashtag to join the movement and encourage other women to feel happy in their own skin. 

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Sunday, 30 June 2019

Is a gym membership actually worth it?

gym goer

Simply put, in my opinion, yes.

I opened my first gym membership in 2016, and since that day my lifestyle changed for the better. I didn't walk into the gym oozing confidence. Initially, I felt like a complete fish out of water and completely out of my comfort zone. However, with personal training support, my own perseverance and research online, I was soon comfortable enough to get into that once dreaded weights section and now I wouldn't be without it! Whilst you don't need a gym to get fitter, I've put together a list of reasons why I believe owning a membership is beneficial.

Why a gym membership is worthwhile...
Money motivation
If you're somebody who struggles with motivation, knowing that you're paying money for something will often encourage most people to ensure that they make the most out of it. You could easily calculate how much you are spending per session through your membership, and this will give you the motivation to keep going!

It's fantastic for your mental health
Being renowned for relieving stress, exercise is most definitely at the top of on my own list for helping with down moods or anxious moments. Personally, I find having a regular routine with my gym membership helpful because I feel more able to switch off.

Find and develop a new interest
The thing that amazes me most about training is that I surprise myself every single time. Just when I think I can't or I'm not strong enough, I have a go and try something new.

Improve your physical health
The Government recommends that we get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week. Are you getting the recommended amount?

Social situations
There is something truly motivational about being surrounded by likeminded individuals. You may be training in a room full of strangers, but each of those strangers is there for the same reason as you: to push themselves further. Classes are also a fabulous way of meeting other people and bonding!

Challenge yourself
Sometimes you may fail, other times you may succeed, but every step is a step in the right direction to achieving your own personal fitness goals.

Expert advice is on hand through personal training staff
I'd recommend training with a personal trainer at first to gain some knowledge and aid your confidence if you're struggling. They will also teach you exercises and correct form to avoid injury. Plus, it helps being held accountable if you find committing tough!

A range of equipment is available for training each muscle group
Whilst you can get some fabulous workouts done at home or in the park, I find that having the specific weighted gym machines very useful when training by muscle group. I currently train by a push/pull/leg split, and it works well for me.

female activewear

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Saturday, 22 June 2019

How To Style The White Blouse

white blouse outfithow to style the white blouse

It's one of my all time favourite combinations - the classic white shirt and skinny jeans.

I like to switch it up between black denim and blue denim, but generally, I find a crisp white blouse unbeatable for everyday smart-casual fashion. 
In the daytime look above, I've opted for a broderie elegant blouse with puffed sleeve detail, and I have partnered it with a contrasting black outfit. The combination of the croc effect handbag and the gothic style heeled boots adds a contemporary twist on classic dressing. 

Sunday, 19 May 2019

How to Style The Satin Midi Dress

how to style the satin dress

satin midi dress outfit

As you know, I'm a fan of satin and when I found this dress online, I couldn't wait to style it up!

Satin isn't often something we consider when we shop for dresses, but the way it gleams in the light and how the material glides over the body is stunning.

For a chic and simple look...

1. Layer with a blazer or a cropped jacket to compliment and draw attention to the outfit as a whole.
2. Partner it up with black heeled boots for a classic but fierce look.
3. Wear it with a smile. There is no better accessory than a smile, and it will never go out of style.

Satin inspired? Check out the below!

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

It's time to de-stress

As we look upon the bank holiday weekend with open arms and a sigh of relief, it's time to discuss the art of de-stressing. I call it an art because now days, it is increasingly difficult to switch off from one thing to the next: from work, to family life, or simply just me time. I've been an over-thinker and a worrier my whole life, but as I'm now in full swing adulthood and responsibilities pile on, I actively reflect on these moments. I reflect not to stress about them further, but instead to learn why they happen and how I can improve.

If you find it tough to switch off your mind after a long day, or you worry endlessly about the future, I guarantee that you are not alone. Honestly, the most important thing to try to do is to live in the present moment. Of course, don't actively ignore your future, because planning ahead is also important. What I mean to say is, if you are sat stressing out about things that you can't control, take a breath. Ask yourself, why am I letting this take over my own time? Why am I so concerned with what others think of me, to the point where I cannot relax?

Over the last few years in particular, I've learned and developed a few techniques of my own to help me de-stress and switch off my mind. When I recognise these moments of stress, I often decide to switch off from my mobile phone and put it away on charge. This gives my mind a moment to stop checking emails, stop comparing on social media (even if I am not meaning to), and to not worry about replying to messages when I simply need to take a break.

I find taking a walk and breathing in the fresh air extremely helpful. Having grown up in a rural village in the English countryside, this always reminds me of my roots. Not only that, but the marvel of nature is really quite something when you take a second to appreciate it. How a tree grows stronger and taller over hundreds of years - the expression "gentle giants" comes to mind. How flowers blossom from a bud to a bloom, each unique in every way. I also like to bring a little nature indoors by dressing my home with lovingly arranged bouquets.

This week, I have selected a bouquet filled with vintage blue irises and white avalanche roses from Haute Florist's "Blue Beauty" bouquet. This elegant arrangement compliments my modern-look apartment wonderfully. Bright blooms such as these, light up the room and bring a reminder of colour and joy to any home. If you're a reader of my blog, you'll already know my love for roses. The iris is also one of my favourites, and a goddess of the varieties at that. Symbolising elegance and wisdom, the Greek for iris is translated as rainbow. As many say, "with rain comes rainbows" and any reminder of that should most definitely be welcomed in times of hardship. I am someone who would much rather treat myself to a bouquet than a box of chocolates or a drink at the bar!

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Monday, 15 April 2019

How to Create a Statement in Leopard Print

When it comes to statement fashion, it's always a risk that either pays off or completely crashes. I often like to play it safe, and I know what trends suit me and what don't. It is very easy to get swept up in what the world is loving, even if it doesn't really represent who we truly are or what we actually like. This is even more emphasised within the online chaos of social media. A trend that always comes back around is leopard print, and admittedly, I am a fan. Although, it must be done right.

With statement garments such as prints or bright colours, I feel the need to style them accordingly to my taste. When styling a statement piece such as this monochrome leopard knit top, I emphasise the statement by styling it with an otherwise block colour outfit. This all black look works well with the monochrome print as it ties together its colours. The one colour enables the print to stand out whilst incorporating its details. As an overall package, it works.

Similarly, statement accessories are one of my own favourable ways to make a statement. For example, statement handbags can look absolutely fabulous with otherwise casual outfits. This is because they draw the attention of the eyes to one sole focus.

When it comes to statement dressing, most of us automatically assume neon, glitter, metallics, and bold prints, but why not make your own statement? Your statement is all down to your own styling. You can make a neutral tone accessory look absolutely incredible next to dark colours, or all white outfits.

Don't be simpleminded when it comes to statements. You can always create your own.

You can see more of my styling and keep up to date with me during the week by following my Instagram page:

Monday, 25 March 2019

~ Give the Gift of Gratitude ~

Sometimes it's very easy to become swept up in daily life, deadlines, and dramas - so much so that we don't communicate as much as we should or show care as much as we should.

As Mother's Day approaches, it gives us that opportunity to appreciate our one and only in the most delightful and traditional way.

This week I've teamed up with Haute Florist to showcase the beautiful bouquet that they have lovingly created for Mother's Day. Including two of my own favourites: Peach Avalanche Roses and Orchids, this bouquet is packed with feminine tones and floral scents. It oozes elegance and is intricately designed with a special recipient in mind.

Researching into traditions of floral gifting, it pleased me to see that culturally, flowers all signify deeper and loving meanings across communities. With roses being the most meaningful flower across the globe, it is no wonder that they are a key component within this bouquet. I've always said that flowers are the ultimate gift, and their ability to make a woman smile and feel special is undoubtable. This was proved recently by my ever so caring partner. I've had a strange few weeks, and my mindset had taken a hit. When my tough time was reaching its peak, he came home with a bouquet that he had specifically picked out for me. Whilst care isn't shown through materialism, this was one of the few moments that made me smile that week. I understood what truly mattered most. He believed in me, supported and cared for me. It was the reminder that I needed, that the most important things in life are true happiness and the love and support of those around you. Your warmth, and care for those that you love is what matters, and vice versa.

As a private person, I don't often talk about my loved ones, because they are just that. However, I'm at a time in my life where I feel like I am sort of making it up as I go along. I'm a graduate and in my first year out of the University comfort blanket, and don't get me wrong, I'm learning more than I ever have. I know that risks are being taken and decisions are being made, often without the knowledge of what is happening next or where I will be this time next year. As a child, your parents are always there every step of the way, even when you take that for granted, and years fly by with little change. Adulthood is tough. I can't sugar coat it, it is what it is. Having the support network of my family for advice or courage is unbeatable, and I cannot express my gratitude enough that I have that from them, especially when the future seems unpredictable.

That being said, the name Mother's Day connotes gratitude towards your mother, but this doesn't have to be the case if it isn't the right fit. Whether it's your mother, your step-mother, your best friend, your Auntie, your Grandma, or Susan from down the road, please don't be afraid to show someone that you are grateful for their never ending support. Give them the uplift and gift that they deserve this year to say thank you for all the times that they have uplifted you. It will make you feel good too.

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With special thanks to my mum - Happy Mother's Day!

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