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The dreaded cellulite. 

This insecurity has been one that has followed me throughout my teenage life. Starting when I was about 12 years old, when someone pointed out what it was to me and told me to "rub my legs really hard to try to get rid of it" - this wasn't the best advice nor explanation. Since then, I've tried numerous methods to try and get rid of it - from buying silly books such as 'Carol Vorderman's 30 Day Cellulite Plan' (yes, that happened), to testing many cellulite 'busting' products in drugstores that really are quite hopeless and a waste of time and money. I've tried everythingggggg I could in the last few years in an effort to make myself feel better about my legs; such as massaging/brushing/rubbing my legs as hard as possible every evening, covering my legs in fake tan to disguise the appearance, wearing tights whenever I was forced to get my legs out, watching pointless videos on youtube, even trying to teach myself not to cross my legs when sitting. It is only now that I am beginning to actually understand it and come to terms with the fact that it affects pretty much every woman on the planet at some point in their lives. It is part of being a WOMAN and a human being, so surely that should be embraced. I am trying to alter my mindset to being proud of my natural figure instead of wanting to cover it up all the time. So this post is, I guess like a follow up from my research, and hopefully it can inspire some of you to feel the same way I am trying to train myself to feel if you have ever felt like I have.

Cellulite is a condition that will affect around 90% of women throughout their lives, even those considered slender and healthy. It can vary with individuals. My case isn't considered severe, but I (like most young women) have become so picky about my own body in the last few years that any small thing gets blown out of proportion and turned into a massive  personal issue. Cellulite is mainly due to poor circulation and will mainly affect us in the lower parts of our bodies, e.g leg and bum areas. It may also affect some males, however it is more common to affect women due to our figures naturally carrying more fat around our thigh and hip areas. Hormones also seem to play a huge part in the formation of cellulite, and therefore as your hormone levels decrease with age, and your circulation may weaken, you may begin to notice more of those little dimples. It can also be genetical, so if you're relatives have cellulite, you may be at more of a risk of having some here or there. Basically, it is not really you're fault and is horrendously hard to avoid never having.

I've come to terms with the fact that it is never just going to completely vanish, but I can still do my bit to help look after my body and reduce/control it as much as I can. Exercise will help with tightening your skin and those connective fibres underneath it which lose their elasticity and allow the cellulite to become more noticeable. I have never been one to enjoy the joy of exercise, so this is not at all music to my ears, but exercise is so important to maintaining a healthy body and mind so it is gonna have to be done! A healthy diet is also important. Aim to drink more water, as the fluids will keep the tissues beneath your skin more supple and help with strengthening them. A high consumption of water has so many more benefits than just reducing cellulite: it can help you slim down and will also improve your skin massively. Avoid smoking! It has so many bad health benefits, and slowing circulation and increasing the appearance of cellulite is just one of them. 

Only in the last year have I really allowed myself to wear a dress on a night out without also wearing some form of tights with them, because you know what? Cellulite isn't a disgusting fat feature, it is part of the human body, much like a freckle or a stretch mark. These things are natural and will happen to nearly everyone - it is just called being normal! Instead of beating yourself up about something that is so minor, go out and have fun and be thankful for life. Wear that pretty dress that makes you feel like a princess, because everyone is different in some way or another. There is no right and wrong, just be comfortable in your own skin and please do learn to love yourself. Learning to accept yourself for who you are is one of the most important yet hardest processes to undertake, it unfortunately doesn't happen overnight. I am currently going through it myself and it definitely is a personal battle. Of course, everyone gets days where they feel "disgusting" and compare themselves to a potato when looking in the mirror, but would you talk to someone else the way you talk to yourself about your own body? I didn't think so, so don't you dare! Be thankful for who you are and that you are different to others in your own special way. 

I'm not gonna lie to you, I still like to cheat a bit with the fake tan.. it makes me feel so much better once I have applied a layer, so I do. Just do things for yourself my lovelies, because your opinion is the main one that matters. 

Let me know your thoughts, and please feel free to join the discussion.

Evie x 

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  1. Preach!! ����thank god someone said it. M x


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