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I admit I'm not the most experimental person with hair. I have so much of it that whenever I try to create new styles, I almost always lose my patience and end up just keeping the same easy straightened hair-down look. So after discovering a Sugarscape post this morning about the newest beauty and hair trend that is currently taking the world by storm, I couldn't wait to have a go. More commonly known as the 'hun' (basically the female version of the 'man bun'), it has even the likes of Khloe Kardashian sporting this kind of do.

For me, I think it is just the fact that it is SO EASY to do and it looks so effortless and chilled. This half-up half-down style is so casual yet still pretty, and below you'll find the oh-so-simple steps for how you can create it yourself.

Basically, I am not gonna even attempt to sound like someone who is a real professional hair stylist because I am so not and this isn't complicated at all, so in simple terms:

1. Brush through your hair using a hair brush or if you have one, a Tangle Teezer. Tangle Teezers are so good and I cannot recommend them enough, especially if you have long thick hair like mine. 
2. Next, just separate the top half of your hair, comb it back away from your face, then twist it into a little top-knot and secure in place with a bobble. 
3. Spray with hairspray to give it some hold, and voila! 

 Easy right? The best bit is that it suits girls with both short and long hair so nobody can complain that they are missing out. It is up to you how high you like to wear the 'hun'. Personally, I like to have it high enough so that it can be seen slightly however not so high that it is sat directly on the top of my head.

If you ever create this style for yourself, do comment and tag me in any selfies because I would love to see! 

Evie x

Thanks for the celebrity inspo ladies:


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