Sunday 30 June 2019

Are Gym Memberships Actually Worth It?

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Simply put, in my opinion, yes.

I opened my first gym membership in 2016, and since that day my lifestyle changed for the better. I didn't walk into the gym oozing confidence. Initially, I felt like a complete fish out of water and completely out of my comfort zone. However, with personal training support, my own perseverance and research online, I was soon comfortable enough to get into that once dreaded weights section and now I wouldn't be without it! Whilst you don't need a gym to get fitter, I've put together a list of reasons why I believe owning a membership is beneficial.

Why a gym membership is worthwhile...
Money motivation
If you're somebody who struggles with motivation, knowing that you're paying money for something will often encourage most people to ensure that they make the most out of it. You could easily calculate how much you are spending per session through your membership, and this will give you the motivation to keep going!

It's fantastic for your mental health
Being renowned for relieving stress, exercise is most definitely at the top of on my own list for helping with down moods or anxious moments. Personally, I find having a regular routine with my gym membership helpful because I feel more able to switch off.

Find and develop a new interest
The thing that amazes me most about training is that I surprise myself every single time. Just when I think I can't or I'm not strong enough, I have a go and try something new.

Improve your physical health
The Government recommends that we get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week. Are you getting the recommended amount?

Social situations
There is something truly motivational about being surrounded by likeminded individuals. You may be training in a room full of strangers, but each of those strangers is there for the same reason as you: to push themselves further. Classes are also a fabulous way of meeting other people and bonding!

Challenge yourself
Sometimes you may fail, other times you may succeed, but every step is a step in the right direction to achieving your own personal fitness goals.

Expert advice is on hand through personal training staff
I'd recommend training with a personal trainer at first to gain some knowledge and aid your confidence if you're struggling. They will also teach you exercises and correct form to avoid injury. Plus, it helps being held accountable if you find committing tough!

A range of equipment is available for training each muscle group
Whilst you can get some fabulous workouts done at home or in the park, I find that having the specific weighted gym machines very useful when training by muscle group. I currently train by a push/pull/leg split, and it works well for me.

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