Wednesday 3 July 2019

Go Natural | Complexion Affection With Evie

What makeup do I need for a natural look?

Truthfully, none at all.

I recently set live a new hashtag that I am using to encourage other women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, #ComplexionAffectionWithEvie. From an early age, women are taught that wearing makeup makes them more beautiful, but this belief is not only false, it is also highlighting "insecurities" that should not exist. I've been sharing my no makeup selfies with the hashtag #ComplexionAffectionWithEvie to prove to others that natural beauty isn't from the inside of a bottle. It's been with you all along.

I never once thought that I would share my natural bare face on the Internet in such high quality, but here we are breaking through those societal expectations and inner inhibitions! Redness, freckles, scars, pores, hairs, dark circles, uneven pigments - yes, all feature on this makeup free face and they also feature on rest of the world's population too.

As much as I adore makeup and trying out the latest products, I cannot deny the feeling of freedom in just letting your skin breathe for a while and feeling like you have nothing to hide or cover up. Especially in the recent heatwave that we have been having here in the UK, going makeup free over the last few days has been blissful to say the least!
Give it a go for yourself. Share your no makeup selfie, tagging the hashtag to join the movement and encourage other women to feel happy in their own skin. 

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