Friday 14 May 2021

5 Easy Sustainable Beauty Swaps You Can Make Every Day

sustainable beauty swaps

Sustainable beauty is a hot topic right now and rightly so. As a beauty product loving human, I am not perfect but I'm certainly trying to make sustainable beauty swaps every day to be more conscious of the products I am using and reduce waste. 

Before you read any further, I must add a disclaimer that if you are looking for a sustainability expert, I hold my hands up that I do not know enough about this topic to be considered an expert.

Swap out single use cotton pads for re-usable pads

I was skeptical at first but honestly, I'm embarrassed that I didn't make this swap sooner. The product is a diamond! Not only are these re-usable pads softer on the skin than disposable cotton pads, they're very easily washable by hand with soap and water or in the washing machine with detergent for a deeper clean. I use the Garnier Reusable Makeup Remover Eco Pads, linked below.

Use refillable containers 

As cute as they look, it's time to ditch the travel sized mini beauty products in favour of refillable bottles. By buying minis, you're wasting additional plastic that didn't need to be wasted. Save yourself a few pennies by investing in refillable travel beauty bottles and top them up with your full size product every time you go away.

Recycle containers

Avoiding plastic where you can is a good idea but it's often difficult to avoid in our current day and age. Opting for glass or aluminium containers is a much better option than plastic because it can be recycled indefinitely, meaning it can be recycled over and over again without ever losing its quality. Once your beauty products are empty, if it's eligible to be recycled, give the bottle a rinse and pop it straight in your recycling bin or bottle bank. Alternatively, certain beauty brands such as MAC will offer you incentives to bring back your empties into the store to be recycled.

Swap liquids for solids

One of the easiest ways to turn your beauty routine either plastic free or less plastic reliant is by switching from liquids to soaps or bars instead. In addition to requiring less packaging, solids such as soaps are more affordable and will last longer than liquids due to their higher concentration.

Wave goodbye to single use face wipes

I gave these up long, long ago! While the convenience of a single use face wipe is undeniable, their cost on our environment is ghastly, especially when they're disposed of in the wrong places and end up blocking drains and littering up our rivers. 

In fact, I've never used a disposable face wipe and found it to cleanse my skin as thoroughly as a hot face cloth and cleanser so you'll be doing your skin a favour. Since removing face wipes from my beauty routine, I've swapped them out for a muslin cloth. The fabric is ever so soft on my skin but gently cleansing too. 

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